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Kiztopia Marina Square Tickets

With us, you get to visit Kiztopia with the absolute guarantee of the time slot you've selected. Unlike other online platforms, you do not need to use your voucher to then call the venue to book a specific time.

SGD 12
Mobile Ticket
Flexible Duration
  • Head over to Singapore’s must-visit indoor playground, Kiztopia, which has quite the action-packed treat in store for the little ones.
  • The perfect place for playing and learning, spend your time discovering your favorite among the 18 dedicated zones that you can avail for 2 hours or 3 hours.
  • Hop on rides and partake in games like Raby's Mart, Mojo Zone, and Pio's Drift, among others.
  • Enjoy 2-story slides, indoor driving zones, Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses, and a kitchen.
  • Engage in various interactive activities that will act as the perfect family bonding session, and make use of the high-tech AR games and challenge your friends to a game of basketball.
  • Upgrade your ticket and get access to the playzones at Kiztopia for 3 hours, with a crunchy snack break to energize yourself for more activities!
  • Click here to reserve your slot. Please note that you can enter Kiztopia Singapore only if you have reserved your time slot via this link.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • X-Plore 2 Hours
  • X-tra 3 Hours
  • X-tra 3 Hour + Snack & Drink
  • The general ticket option includes 1 adult + 1 child.
  • Click here to reserve your slot. Please note that you can enter Kiztopia Singapore only if you have reserved your time slot via this link.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Kiztopia Club Jurong Point Tickets

SGD 29.80
Extended Validity
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
2 hr.
  • Enjoy a fun-filled day at Kiztopia Club Jurong Point and watch how your little ones play and learn at the same time.
  • Explore the 4,500 square feet indoor park with an outer space theme as you encourage your little ones to participate in all sorts of activities.
  • The indoor park is divided into 12 different play concepts including netted climbing frames, role-play rooms, a trampoline, a carousel, and even slides!
  • To complement these play zones, functions rooms, a family cafe and a gift shop are also available.
  • These tickets can’t be cancelled. However, you can use them any time within the next 30 days.
  • These tickets are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Kiztopia Club Punggol Tickets

SGD 29.80
Extended Validity
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
2 hr.
  • Engage in 2-hours of wholesome play experiences at the safari-themed wonderland with a ticket that grants one-time entry to one adult and one child.
  • Explore the first-ever duplex playground spread across 5,500 square feet and featuring up to 12 distinct play concepts.
  • Let loose over the play area that includes roleplay rooms, AR interactive games, exciting slides, obstacle courses, and more.
  • Suitable for children aged 12 months to 10 years, the play areas and concepts are designed to help cultivate social, emotional, and motor skills.
  • Sustain your energy with a delicious selection of Asian and Western delicacies at the Vibes Café (at your own expense).
  • A wrist band will be issued upon entry and the entry timing will be indicated on the wrist band. You can track your play time using the entry timing. A 10-minute grace period will be given to guests to exit the venue.
  • Re-entry is not allowed after you leave the venue.
  • An additional charge of SGD10 per hour will be charged at the counter if the stipulated timing exceeded the grace period.
  • Socks are compulsory for all guests. You may keep your footwear in the designated areas provided. Slippers will be provided for restroom visits. Non-slip socks are available for purchase at the reception counter.
  • As climbing, sliding, jumping and other physical activities are involved, it is strongly recommended to use long sleeves and jeans/pants to avoid potential abrasion.
  • Outside food and beverages are strictly not allowed except for baby formulas.
  • These tickets can’t be cancelled. However, you can use them any time within the next 30 days.
  • These tickets are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

What is Kiztopia?

An indoor edutainment-based play space for kids!

Home to exotic Chinatown shophouses, stunning skyscrapers, fantastic resorts, and theme parks, and everything else a tourist might look for, Singapore is a must-visit country. There's more to the island nation than tall buildings and pretty hotels. Singapore features beautiful walking trails, mesmerizing gardens, zoos, and other showcases of nature. If you're looking for a family-friendly attraction in Singapore, Kiztopia is a perfect choice. This fancy indoor playground, located at Marine Square, boasts 18 themed zones, ninja courses, AR games, bouncy castles, ball pits, and everything in between! Read on to learn how to book Kiztopia tickets, must-visit attractions, visitor tips, and much more.

Why Kids Love Kiztopia?

kiztopia tickets singapore

Located in Marina Mall, Kiztopia is an indoor playground featuring over 15 themed zones and offering a variety of experiences for kids. What sets it apart is its emphasis on 8 intelligence matrixes to ensure that children learn new concepts as they have fun.

With a series of different games and rides such as Raby's Mart, Mojo Zone, and Pio's Drift, among others, kids can improve their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence. The colorful atmosphere and pleasant and welcoming staff is the cherry on top of a fun-filled day!

Why Visit Kiztopia

kiztopia tickets
  • Kiztopia Singapore promises a fun-filled and action-packed day for young and hyperactive kids.
  • Featuring 18 unique play zones designed to improve the social, motor, and emotional skills of young ones, this indoor playground in Marina Square is spread across a massive 18,000 square feet.
  • Kiztopia Singapore is home to many fun original characters including Tina the turtle, Pepe the pig, Chichi the chick, scattered all around the various play areas. Kids can also purchase merch and plushies featuring their favorite characters at the gift store.
kiztopia singapore tickets
  • Kiztopia Singapore is home to an exciting indoor driving zone, obstacle courses designed for different age groups, and cooking activities as well.
  • Toddlers as young as 12 months are welcome to Kiztopia Singapore and there are play areas dedicated for kids of all ages. A visit to the indoor playground is the perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their kids. 
  • It's not all play areas designed for toddlers at this indoor playground. Kiztopia Singapore also offers high-tech AR games including basketball. Challenge your friends to an exciting game of AR basketball and face the basketball hoop as it changes position during the game. 

Your Kiztopia Tickets Explained

  • Your Kiztopia ticket allows you to enter the indoor playground for a three-hour session of fun and learning. You get access to all 18 play areas with your Kiztopia tickets.
  • Upon entry, you'll receive a wristband with the entry timing mentioned on it. You can leave and re-enter the venue within the three-hour duration by displaying your wristband at the entrance.
  • If you end up exceeding the three-hour mark, an additional charge of SGD10 per hour will be applicable. Payment can be done at the counter.
  • Hotel transfers are not included in your Kiztopia tickets.
  • Once booked, your Kiztopia tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or refunded.

Best Way to Buy Kiztopia Tickets

Given the pandemic, the only way you can buy Kiztopia tickets is online. Even in a pre-COVID world, the best way to buy Kiztopia tickets was online due to the convenience and value for money offered. When you book your Kiztopia tickets online, you get to choose from three-time slots and plan your trip much better as a result. Buying Kiztopia tickets online is also a great way to save money since you can avail many discounts and cashback offers that aren’t available offline.

What to do at Kiztopia Singapore

kiztopia attractions
  • Pio’s Drift: Perfect for kids who are interested in cars and driving, Pio’s Drift features a glorious racing car track complete with a petrol station. The play zone includes mini cars designed for kids of all ages and is completely safe. Pio’s Drift is designed to develop the motor and social skills of toddlers.
  • Raby’s Mart: Ruby’s Mart offers a grocery shopping experience at a supermarket equipped with shopping carts, check-out counters for kids, and much more. Kids can develop their social skills by buying fake groceries and collecting fake money in cash registers and learn an important life skill.
  • Hero Square: Designed to function as Kiztopia’s town square, Hero Square hosts performances and is home to the fun mascots of the indoor playground offering plenty of great photo opportunities. The AR games of Kiztopia Singapore are also located in Hero Square. Hero Square also functions as a resting space where you can take a break from the fun play zones.
kiztopia tickets singapore
  • Bell’s Cuisine: One of Kiztopia’s many role-playing spaces, Bell’s Cuisine serves as a fascinating break from the high octane craziness of the slides, trampolines, and ball pits. Bell’s Cuisine features a well-equipped mini kitchen where kids can cook up a storm and serve high tea to their parents. During this experience, kids will also discover how to cooperate with others while learning more about food and cooking skills.
  • Bouncy Tiger: The ideal bouncy castle for small kids, Bouncy Tiger is another great play zone in Kiztopia. This safe and comfortable bouncy castle is perfectly suited for smaller adventures and features mini slides and cute obstacles designed for young kids.
  • Tina’s Snip: A dream come true for kids who like dressing up in costumes, Tina’s Snip features beautiful princess dresses and superhero costumes. Here, parents can let their kids pick out their favorite costumes and get as many pictures as they want. At this play zone, kids develop their creativity as they choose from different costume options and discover their tastes and preferences.
kiztopia tickets
  • Mojo Zone: No indoor play zone is complete without an enormous ball fit packed to the brim with squishy balls. Mojo Zone is that and much more. The ball pit features two big intertwined slides and giant banana floats for some additional thrills and spills. At the Moto Zone play area, kids can develop their balance and coordination while working on their control. They’ll also learn to respect diversity and play well with others in close quarters.
  • Cosmic Space: Cosmic Space is home to five different sets of slides that are approximately 5 to 7 meters long each. Kids can also utilize the climbing contraptions available at the play and play on the swing shaped like a battering ram.
  • Chug Eli: One of the most popular attractions in Kiztopia Singapore, Chug Eli is the train ride section of the indoor playground. The mini toy train will make for a remarkable experience by taking your child on a memorable trip around the Kiztopia grounds. While there is a height limit, the train ride is perfectly suitable for little ones.
kiztopia singapore
  • Ninja Warrior: Is your child obsessed with ninjas? The Ninja Warrior play zone is where they can fulfill their destiny. Here, kids can jump over steps, dodge spiky obstacles, walk through a swinging bridge, and champion the monkey bars. During this fun and thrilling obstacle course, kids can develop agility, stamina, confidence, and perseverance.
  • Trampio: As you would expect, there’s no indoor playground complete without a trampoline, and Kiztopia doesn’t disappoint. This indoor playground is home to not one but three different trampolines for kids of all ages to enjoy.
  • Raby’s Pit: Looking to give your young ones a unique and safe sensorial experience? Raby’s Pit allows young kids to play on sand without getting dirty or being at risk by replacing the sand with small wooden cubes. The digging pit is filled with hinoki cubes and there are even a space shuttle kids can hop aboard for the perfect picture.
kiztopia activities
  • Ball Pits (Sprite and Pepe's Ball): There are special play zones for toddlers at Kiztopia including Sprite and Pepe’s Ball. While Sprite features a small play structure, ball pit, and even mini obstacles for more adventurous toddlers, there’s a smaller area called Pepe’s Ball which is more relaxed and better suited for toddlers.
  • Alley Oop Mark: Alley Oop Mark features an AR basketball studio where young kids can pick up a mini ball and throw it at a hoop projected onto a wall. Aim your real ball at the hoop projected on the screen, and become the next virtual basketball star.
  • Honey Notes: There’s more AR magic at play in Kiztopia other than virtual basketball. At Honey Notes, kids can play instruments projected on the screen by touching them! A unique and wonderful experience designed to develop your kid's sensory and creative skills.

Plan Your Visit to Kiztopia

Getting there
Best time to visit
Must See
kiztopia timings


  • Sun to Thurs: 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Fri & Sat: 10 AM to 10 PM

Please note that the venue remains closed every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Duration: On average, you can easily spend 3 hours at Kiztopia which happens to be the duration of your ticket as well.

how to get to kiztopia
  • MRT: The nearest MRT stations are City Hall MRT Station, Esplanade MRT Station, and Promenade MRT Station. 
  • Bus: You can also take a bus to one of these bus stops: Temasek Boulevard (Suntec Convention), Raffles Avenue (Esplanade Theatre), Esplanade Drive (near One Raffles Link), and Raffles Boulevard (Pan Pacific Singapore). All these bus stops are within walking distance from Kiztopia Singapore.
  • Taxi: Kiztopia has a drop-off point right at the main entrance. The most accurate drop-off point on Raffles Link right next to the intersection of Raffles Link and Raffles Avenue.
  • Parking: There is plenty of parking space available at Marina Square for a nominal fee.
best time to visit kiztopia

In general, the best time to visit Singapore is anywhere between February and April. Kiztopia can be visited throughout the year since it’s an indoor attraction and the weather outside doesn’t impact your experience.

Avoid visiting Kiztopia on weekends though since local Singaporeans also visit the attraction for a day of fun in the snow. The best time to visit Kiztopia is during the morning slot on weekdays for a crowd-free experience.

where to eat in kiztopia

Marina Square Mall is home to a great number of restaurants. The following are some eateries in and around Kiztopia:

  • Kith Kiztopia: Enjoy delicious coffee, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and mains at this iconic Singapore eatery with 7 other branches in the city.
  • Summer Pavilion: Visit this luxury restaurant located in a high-end hotel and enjoy refined Cantonese cuisine, including dim sum.
  • Jaan By Kirk Westaway: This contemporary 40-seat European-British restaurant offers glorious views of Singapore and food prepared with seasonal ingredients.
  • Qi Ji Marina Square: If you like local delights, you can't go wrong at Qi Ji. Enjoy a delicious meal featuring Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, and much more.
  • The Beacon: An epicurean adventure awaits with fresh fruit martinis, freshly shucked oysters by the bar, and an Italian menu featuring delights from the shores of the Latin peninsula.
where to stay marina square

The following are some great accommodation options around Kiztopia:

  • Budget: South East Asia Hotel, Hotel Nube, Bugis, and Hotel Bencoolen
  • Modest: Park View Hotel, Populous Hotel, and Hotel Royal @ Queens
  • Luxury: Park Royal Collection, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, and Marina Bay Sands
what to do near kiztopia

Kiztopia is located in Marina Square, amongst the most popular areas in Singapore with plenty to do. Here are some of the top choices for things to see around Kiztopia:

  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Sands Skypark Observation Deck
  • Cloud Forest

Visitor Tips

  • Due to COVID-19, there’s a limit of up to 5 guests per group, with 4 sessions of playtime per day (10 AM-1 PM, 1 PM-4 PM, 4 PM-7 PM, and 7 PM-10 PM). On top of SafeEntry check-in and compulsory temperature screening.
  • Kiztopia Singapore remains closed on every first Tuesday of the month for deep cleaning and disinfecting. 
  • Craving a light bite? Visit Kith@Kiztopia for a casual meal. The diner serves regular cafe fare including truffle fries, smashed avocado, and even kid meals.
  • Each Kiztopia ticket offers single admittance only. Tickets cannot be exchanged.
  • Make sure your kids wear long sleeves and jeans or pants to avoid potential abrasion at the play zones.
  • All visitors must wear socks at all times within the premises. Non-slip socks are required for all children under 12. If you haven’t bought any, they are available for purchase at the reception counter.
  • You may keep your footwear in the designated areas provided. Slippers will be provided for restroom visits.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times for minors aged 12 and below.
  • Outside food and beverages are strictly not allowed except for baby formulas.
  • If the stipulated timing is exceeded, a charge of SGD10 per hour will be charged at the counter
  • Storage areas are available at the venue for small bags.
  • Clean-up and sanitization charges may apply in case of vomiting, spillage, urination, and any other leaks.

All Your Questions About Kiztopia Tickets Answered

How can I buy Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

You can buy Kiztopia tickets online. By booking your tickets from third-party websites, you can also avail of great discounts and cashback offers.

How long in advance can I purchase my Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

You can purchase your Kiztopia Singapore tickets at least 6 months in advance.

Is it possible to cancel my Kiztopia tickets?

Once booked, your Kiztopia tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or refunded.

How long are my Kiztopia tickets valid for?

Your Kiztopia tickets are valid for three hours post which you’ll be charged SGD10 per hour.

What are Kiztopia timings?

Sun - Thur: 10 AM - 8 PM; Fri & Sat: 10 AM - 10 PM. The venue is closed every first Tue of the month.

Are wheelchair & storage facilities available at Kiztopia?

Storage areas are available at the venue. For wheelchairs facilities, please contact the Kiztopia staff for details.

What are the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for toddlers?

Some of the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for toddlers are Sprite, Pio’s Drift, Bouncy Tiger, and Chug Li.

What are the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for pre-teens?

Some of the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for pre-teens include Mojo Zone, Bell’s Cuisine, and Raby’s Mart, among others.

What are the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for teens?

Some of the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for teens are Hero’s Square, Mojo Zone, and Alley Oop Mark.