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Singapore Zoo | Ranked among the Top 5 zoos in the world

This iconic zoo in Singapore is known as the best in its class in Asia and 4th in the world! The Singapore Zoo, also known as the Mandai Zoo, is part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve and is home to over 300 different species of animals from across the globe. You'll find a large number of threatened animals in their large 26 hectare compound, that you would most likely not see out in the wild; think orangutans, Asiatic lions, spider monkeys, meerkats and more.

Take a look at your ticket options, and learn more about this ecological paradise in the Lion City.

Why visit the Singapore Zoo?

  • Best in the business: One of the top zoos in the world, the Singapore Zoo is a 26 hectare haven made for the conservation of exotic animals across the world.
  • Free-range orangutans: Orangutan Island is the open-aired habitat created for the resident primates of the zoo. They are one of the star attractions that you should definitely visit while you're there.
  • Sanctuary for 'threatened' animals: Of all the animals you will find at the zoo, over 34% of the species are classified as threatened by IUCN.
  • Open enclosures: Unlike most of the zoos you've visited, Singapore Zoo has open-aired habitats that have been carefully curated to resemble the natural habitats of the animal residents.

Things to know before buying tickets to Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
  • Singaporeans, PR holders and children below 13 can get discounted tickets; make sure to bring a valid ID card while you visit, to ensure a smooth check in.
  • Make a day out of your trip to Singapore Zoo. The Mandai Wildlife Reserve is huge and is home to other wonderful attractions like River Wonders, Bird Paradise, and Night Safari. The Night Safari + Singapore Zoo + River Wonders + Bird Paradise combo tickets are a great deal at 20% discounts and will keep you entertained for the whole day!
  • There is a guided tram ride that is part of your Singapore Zoo ticket, so you don't have to pay extra for a guided tour of the park, unless you want to indulge yourself.
  • The zoo can get crowded and tickets sell out faster during school holidays and the weekends, so plan ahead and book your tickets in advance so you don't miss out.

Which Singapore Zoo ticket is best for you?

Both these ticket types offer great value; the only difference is the amount of time you have on your hands, so choose accordingly!

Family at the tram ride at Singapore Zoo

If you are short on time and budget

Go for: Standard admission tickets

Duration: Flexible

Guide: Yes

These entry tickets provide access to all zones of Singapore Zoo and complementary guided tram ride through the park. You also get to see the presentations and other activities happening at the park at no added cost.

Recommended Ticket

Tickets to Singapore Zoo with Tram Ride

River Safari

If you want to explore Mandai in-depth

Go for: Combo tickets

Duration: Flexible

Guide: Yes

These multi-attraction tickets not only give you complete access to two or more attractions in Singapore, they are also a great way to save money as compared to purchasing tickets individually.

Recommended Tickets

Night Safari + Singapore Zoo + River Wonders + Bird Paradise combo tickets

Singapore Night Safari with Tram Ride + Singapore Zoo tickets

2-Park Super Savers: Singapore Zoo + River Wonders tickets, Singapore Zoo + Bird Paradise

Please Note:

  • Tickets to Singapore Zoo cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded.
  • The 2 Park Super Saver Singapore Zoo and Bird Paradise tickets are valid for Singapore residents only.

Explore the Singapore Zoo

Take a look at the various zones of the Singapore Zoo, set in the midst of a rainforest. Explore all the zones and animals at Singapore Zoo here.



Hop to this zone and make friends with Kangaroos and other marsupials from down under!


Elephants of Asia

Meet the gentle giants of Asia at this zone. They are smaller than their African siblings and are famous for their adorable personality.


Fragile Forest

Meet sloths and other fascinating animals you'll see in the heart of a rainforest, right here in this zone.

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Learn about the biodiversity and culture of this East African nation at this exhibit in the Singapore Zoo.

Orangutan Island & Boardwalk

Orangutan Island & Boardwalk

Spend some time with the famous Orangutangs of Singapore Zoo as they swing around among the trees.

Primate Kingdom

Primate Kingdom

There are 39 different species of primates that live in the zoo, and you'll find most of them right here!



A fun zone, especially for young kids, where you'll get to interact with the smaller animals at the zoo.

Reptile Garden

Reptile Garden

This zone features exhibits such as RepTopia and Tortoise Shell-ter where you'll encounter a wide range of... well, reptiles!

Treetops Trails

Treetops Trails

Another fascinating look into the biodiversity of the rainforest, where you'll see Siamangs, Mouse deers and more.

Wild Africa

Wild Africa

Experience the shades of Africa ranging from rainforests and savannahs, to deserts, and meet the animals that call it their home!

Plan your visit to Singapore Zoo

Getting There
Things to Do
Visitor Tips
Park Rules
Singapore Zoo
Getting to Singapore Zoo
breakfast with Orangutans
  • Singapore is sunny during the day, so don't forget to carry shades, hats, and sunscreen.
  • Come prepared for unexpected rains by carrying an umbrella or raincoats. You'll also find them at the Zoo, in case you don't have one at home.
  • Wear an insect repellant.
  • Carry a water bottle. The in-house water dispensaries allow you to refill them.
  • Skip visiting the Singapore Zoo on weekends and school holidays to save yourself from larger crowds.
  • Stay after the animal shows. You may get a chance to click pictures with them. 
  • There's a lot of walking to be done at the zoo, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, and light clothes that don't stick to you.
No Smoking
  • There are prohibited areas in the zoo. Do not venture into these zones for your own safety.
  • Do not feed or tease the animals living in the zoo.
  • Stay seated the whole duration of the tram ride.
  • Feel free to take photos for personal use. Flash photography is not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the zoo. You will find a designated smoking point outside the entrance.
  • Pets and plants are not allowed inside.
  • Skate scooters, inline skates, rollerblades, tricycles and pull trolleys are not permitted inside.

Explore beyond Singapore Zoo

The Mandai Wildlife Reserves Singapore (MWRS) manages four zoological institutions in Singapore, all under one roof —Bird Paradise, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo. Check out the other three unique wildlife heavens!

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Frequently asked questions about Singapore Zoo tickets

How much do Singapore Zoo tickets cost?

A standard Singapore Zoo ticket prices start at SGD 48. Currently, you can get up to 5% discount if you buy your tickets online.

What are the different Singapore Zoo tickets available?

You have the standard , combo tickets to Singapore Zoo which includes admission to attractions like Bird Paradise, River Wonders, and Night Safari, you also have a special ticket that is great for a unique breakfast experience in Singapore.

Are there any discounts on Singapore Zoo tickets?

Singaporeans and children below the age of 13 have discounted entry tickets that you can purchase both online and at the venue. Apart from this, more often than not, there are always deals running on combo tickets, that offer great value for money, and the chance to visit multiple attractions for a fraction of the cost.

Is there a tram ride included in my Singapore Zoo ticket?

Yes, the zoo admission ticket includes the tram ride, so you don't have to purchase a separate ticket for it.

How can I buy Singapore Zoo tickets?

The best way to buy Singapore Zoo tickets is to get them online. This is not only more convenient, but you also get better discounts than offline bookings, and you guarantee your entry in advance. Alternatively, you can also buy your zoo tickets at the venue.

What is the cancelation policy for the Singapore Zoo tickets?

Singapore Zoo tickets cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded.

How long are my Singapore Zoo tickets valid?

Most Singapore Zoo tickets are valid for the entire day that is chosen by you at the time of booking. Feel free to spend as long as you like, exploring the zoo.

How long does it take to explore the Singapore Zoo?

It will take you about 4 hours to cover the zoo in a leisurely manner.

Is photography allowed inside Singapore Zoo?

Yes, photography for personal purposes is allowed. However, you have to switch off flash photography when clicking photos. Know more about the rules and facilities available at the Zoo, here.

Are food and drinks allowed inside the Singapore Zoo?

Yes, food and beverages are allowed inside the Singapore Zoo. However, you also have options to dine inside the zoo. Breakfast in the Wild is a unique dining option that is worth checking out at the zoo.