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Kiztopia Punggol: Safari-Themed Indoor Playground | Tickets, What To See & More!

What Is Kiztopia Punggol?

Kiztopia Punggol is Kiztopia Singapore's second double-storey indoor playground in Singapore. First opened to the public in July 2021, Kiztopia Punggol spans an area of 5,500 sq ft and has a jungle safari theme. Lets take a look at the play and learning activities at Kiztopia Punggol, along with other amenities like dining and shopping that makes it a must-visit family destination in Singapore.

Why Visit Kiztopia Punggol?

Kiztopia Punggol

Things To Do At Kiztopia Punggol

Kiztopia Punggol

Games & Activities

Giant slides, sand pits, and mazes are just a few of the fun activities at Kiztopia Punggol. There's also an area where kids can perfect their aim with an AR target practice game.

Kiztopia Punggol

Learning & Development

The role-play rooms at Kiztopia Punggol allows kids to become chefs, fire fighters, and even supermarket managers amongst other things, helping them develop their cognitive skills.

Kiztopia Punggol

Eat & Drink

The Vibes Cafe at Kiztopia Punggol serves both Western and Asian inspired dishes. Dig into a fresh grilled chicken burger or a spicy Laksa noodle soup.

Kiztopia Punggol


If you want to remember your trip to Kiztopia Punggol, there's no better way than picking out a keychain, or a plushie toy from their gift shop. You'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Your Kiztopia Punggol Ticket Explained

Kiztopia Punggol

Duration: 2 hours

  • Explore the wilderness in Singapore at this safari-themed indoor playground at Kiztopia Punggol.
  • These tickets allow one child and an accompanying adult to Kiztopia Punngol. You'll get access to all 12 play zones spread across 5,500 sq ft.
  • Experience the activities and games at Kiztopia Punggol including the sand and ball pits, mazes, AR games, and role-play rooms.
  • Kiztopia tickets cannot be cancelled once purchased. However, you can visit the attraction at any point within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Plan Your Visit To Kiztopia Punggol

Here's the opening hours, location, and some nearby attractions you can visit after Kiztopia. Check out our detailed Kiztopia visitor's guide for travel options and more details that will help plan your visit to Kiztopia Punggol better!

Best Time To Visit
Nearby Attractions
Kiztopia Punggol

Kiztopia Punggol Opening Hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays: 10 AM to 9 PM

Please Note: Kiztopia Punggol will be closed on the first Tuesday of every month for cleaning and maintenance.

Kiztopia Punggol

Kiztopia Punggol Location

85 Punggol Central, #01-01/02/03/04, Singapore 828726 | Find on Map

Kiztopia Punggol is located next to the Punggol Town Square, right on the banks of the Punggol Waterway.

Nearby MRT Station: Punggol MRT Station

Nearby Bus Station: Punggol Stn/Int

Kiztopia Punggol

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiztopia Punggol

What is Kiztopia Punggol?

Kiztopia Punggol is a indoor playground for kids of all ages. This Kiztopia branch has a safari-theme and activities like obstacle courses, AR games, and role-play games that are great for the mental and cognitive development of children.

Where is Kiztopia Punggol located?

Kiztopia Punggol is located in the northern side of Singapore in Punggol town. It is located in the Punggol Town Square, on the banks of the Punggol Waterway.

Why should I visit Kiztopia Punggol?

Kiztopia Punggol is a great wildlife safari-themed indoor playground that provides edutainment for kids of all ages. It is a great place to visit in Singapore with the family.

How do I book tickets to visit Kiztopia Punggol?

You can easily book tickets to Kiztopia Punggol online.

What age group is Kiztopia Punggol suitable for?

Kiztopia Punggol is great for kids between 1 to 12 years old. Older kids and parents are also welcome to enjoy the activities and games at Kiztopia Punggol.

When did Kiztopia Punggol open?

Kiztopia Punggol was first opened in July 2021.

What’s inside Kiztopia Punggol?

Kiztopia Punggol is a double storied, safari-themed indoor playground that has immersive games such as obstacle courses, sand pits, and role-play rooms that help develop the child's physical, mental, and cognitive skills.

What are the Kiztopia Punggol opening hours?

Kiztopia Punggol opening hours are Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM, Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays: 10 AM to 9 PM. The outlet will be closed on the first Tuesday of every month for deep cleaning and maintenance.

Can I bring food inside Kiztopia Punggol?

No, you are not allowed to bring outside food and drinks into Kiztopia Punggol. You can always get a bite to eat from the in-house Vibes Cafe at Kiztopia Punggol.

Is there a dress code for visiting Kiztopia Punggol?

Anti-slip socks are mandatory for everyone visiting Kiztopia Punggol. Long sleeved clothing are also recommended to prevent any abrasions from playing on the slides.

What is the closest bus stop to Kiztopia Punggol?

Punggol Stn/Int is the closest bus station to Kiztopia Punggol.

What is the closest MRT station to Kiztopia Punggol?

Punggol MRT Station is the closest MRT station to Kiztopia Punggol.