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Tickets to Skyline Luge Singapore

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  • Located smack in the heart of Sentosa Island, Skyline Luge Singapore is a unique, wheeled, gravity ride
  • When you get here, simply hop on this mix of go-kart and toboggan sled that works on the basis of gravity
  • Swerve down the purpose-built track and control your descent with handlebars, accelerator, or brakes
  • Step aboard the 4-seater Skyride and enjoy a bird's eye view of the entire city’s skyline, Sentosa Island, and even the South China Sea
  • Choose between 2, 3, and 4 rounds each on the Skyride and Luge


  • 2/3/4 rounds on the Luge.
  • 2/3/4 rounds on the Skyride.
  • Ride the Luge and Skyride during the day.
  • Night Luge and Skyride by night with Wings of Fire fireworks.
  • Tip: Plan your visit to the Skyline Luge Sentosa by late evening and stay till night to enjoy the night Luge ride.
  • Guests who have purchased their tickets from an online ticketing platform can only redeem this voucher at Skyline Luge Singapore 48 hours after purchase.


  • Guests below 85cm are not allowed to participate in this experience.
  • Guests have to be above 135cm to ride by themselves.


  • Guests below 6 years of age and below 110cm cannot participate in this experience.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Experience Skyline Luge Sentosa

Tucked away off the Southern coast of Malaysia, the city-state of Singapore offers a range of adventure and leisure experiences Singapore fit for all ages. While Sentosa Island is a top attraction, the Skyline Luge is a crowd-puller adventure ride. Enjoy the twists and turns as you descend on purpose-built tracks with full control of the ride. If this isn’t enough, the Singapore Skyline Luge tickets also allow you to take a Skyride to the top of the Luge track. Hop on this ride to soak in a panoramic view of Sentosa Island and the South China Sea.

Your Skyline Luge Ticket Options

Skyline Luge Tickets

Standard Ticket

The standard Singapore Skyline Luge tickets allow you many options to choose from. You can either opt for 2, 3 or 4 rounds of Luge which come with 2, 3, or 4 rounds of the Skyride, depending on your ticket. Based on your selection, you can ride the Luge and Skyride during the day and enjoy Luge and Skyride by night. The pass is valid only on the date and time slot mentioned in the ticket. This experience cannot be rescheduled or canceled.  

Singapore Skyline Luge

Jolly Sentosa Pass

The Jolly Sentosa Pass allows you to choose between any three of the five top Sentosa attractions. These are Madame Tussauds, Segway Fun Ride, Trick Eye Museum, AdventureLand and Skyline Luge Sentosa. The pass allows you 2 rounds of Skyline Luge. This pass is valid only on the date selected during checkout. Tickets to Sentosa Skyline Luge cannot be cancelled, amended or rescheduled.

Best Way to Buy Skyline Luge Tickets

The easiest and most convenient way to buy Skyline Luge tickets is to purchase them online. By doing this, you can avoid long queues and save time. Plus, online ticket purchases often offer discounts or package deals, making it a great value for your money. Buying your Skyline Luge tickets in advance is a great way to save time and money. Not only will you avoid long lines, but you may also be eligible for discounted rates. In addition, buying tickets in advance ensures that you can enjoy the ride at your preferred time and date.

Know Before You Luge

skyline luge tickets


  • A luge ride promises a rush of adrenaline as you race down, seated on a half go-kart and a half toboggan sled. This downward slope with purpose-built tracks will send you on an unforgettable adventure.
  • The handlebars, accelerator, and brakes will help you get through the twist and turns on the tracks.
  • You can also try your hand at the Night Luge, which happens on Fridays and Saturdays when the track is open till 9:30 PM. As you go down the tracks, you get an incredible view of Sentosa Island in all its glimmering glory.
skyline luge tickets

Luge Tracks

You can choose from four different trails:

  • Dragon Trail: The longest track of all at 688m, the Dragon Trail weaves through the forest.
  • Kupu Kupu Trail: Malay for butterfly, the Kupu Kupu trail makes you feel like you are floating as you race down the 638m track.
  • Expedition Trail: At 658m, this new trail takes you through the rainforest and through tunnels, with exciting twists and turns.
  • Jungle Trail: With hairpin corners and long, straight tracks, 628m trail begins with a ride through a tunnel covered in greenery.

Image Source: Skyline Luge Sentosa

skyline luge singapore

Luge Safety

  • You will be briefed on luge safety by the instructors prior to your ride.
  • You are not allowed to ride without a helmet.
  • Note that the minimum height restriction is 110 cm.
  • Your luge cart comes with a unique steering system that gives you complete control over your speed and direction. 
  • You can pull the handlebars to slow down or stop and release slowly to accelerate.
  • Keep your hands on the handlebars at all times, and feet inside the cart.

Read more about the Luge Code of Conduct.

Sentosa Luge Skyride


  • The Skyride is a 4-seater chairlift that gives you a bird’s eye view of Singapore.
  • You will start at the bottom of the mountain and slowly head to the top as you take in the stunning views of the Singapore skyline and the vast, blue South China Sea.
  • It also operates at night, when visitors have a chance to catch the Wings of Time show from high above.

Plan Your Visit to Skyline Luge Sentosa

Getting There
Best Time to Visit
Skyline Luge timings
  • Sun to Thur: 11 am to 7:30 pm (last entry at 6:30 pm).
  • Fri and Sat: 11 am to 9:30 pm (last entry at 8:30 pm).

Duration: To complete a Luge and a Skyride, it takes approximately 15-20 minutes. It may however take longer for a single ride during rush hours like public holidays or school holidays.

Singapore Skyline Luge is located in Sentosa Island, between Imbiah Lookout and Siloso Beach. You can use the Singapore cable car, taxi, or public transport to get there. Once at Sentosa Island, you can choose to enter the Skyline Luge Sentosa from either of the two entrances.

cable car singapore

Imbiah Lookout Entrance

Bus: Take Bus A to Imbiah Lookout Bus Stop; Monorail: If you opt for the Sentosa Express monorail, get down at the Imbiah Station; Parking: If you’re traveling to Sentosa in a car, get down at the Imbiah Lookout Car Park

Siloso Beach Entrance

Bus: Take Bus A or Bus B from the Beach Station; Monorail: Hop on to the Sentosa Express monorail and get down at Beach Station; Tram: Get down at Stop 1A if you opt for The Siloso Beach tram; Parking: Beach Car Park is the other closest parking lot to Skyline Luge

best time to visit Singapore skyline luge

If you fancy a Luge ride, plan it in the opening hours, just before the afternoon sun peaks. Singapore can get very hot during the afternoon. Plan your visit for a weekend — Friday and Saturday, if you want to witness some unique Luge lightings. The tracks come alive with vibrant colors, making it a fun adventure.

Singapore skyline luge dining
  • Bikini Bar: Quench your thirst for a chilled beer, cocktails or mocktails at the Bikini Bar on Siloso Beach. Offering some great vibes, fabulous beach views, a beer pong and pool table, the bar promises some island chill. 
  • Barisart Coffee: If you’re looking for a coffee break or looking to satiate your tinge of sweetness, a stop at Barisart Coffee, a cafe on Siloso beach, is a must. Choose from a menu of coffee, desserts or savouries!
  • Co+Nut+Ink: Located at Siloso Point, Co+Nut+Ink offers you the best selection to beat the island heat. Load yourselves with several nutrients as you enjoy some coconut water, coconut shakes or just a coconut ice-cream.
  • Eco Alfresco Café: Feel in the lap of nature while dining under a canopy of trees at this cafe, located on Siloso Beach. Choose from a menu of some local and western flavours. Don’t miss their signature drinks made using lemongrass and basil, that are grown in house.
where to stay in singapore

Singapore has a host of different types of accommodation options for visitors. Here are some of our top picks close to Skyline Luge:

Visitor Tips

  1. You will be given instructions on the operations of the Luge before the ride so pay attention. The brief includes safety measures, how to maneuver your vehicle, as well as how to break. 
  2. Luge riders must be 6 years of age and 110 cm or taller to ride the Luge alone. Children younger and shorter than 110 cm, can ride with an adult. An additional ticket is required for doubling riders. Please check with the ticket counter before proceeding with your ride.
  3. Children must be at least 135cm in height to be able to ride on the Skyride. To be able to ride on the Skyride with an adult, children must be at least 85cm in height.
  4. Peak hours and school holidays call for a larger crowd and long waiting queues. So choose a time slot accordingly to avoid the peak-time rush.
  5. If you are pregnant and wish to ride the Luge, please check with the ticketing counter. For safety reasons, pregnant women may not be allowed in this attraction.
  6. If you want to enjoy the Night Luge, make sure to pre-book your tickets to avoid the rush. This ride is available only on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 PM - 9:30 PM.

All Your Questions About Skyline Luge Tickets Answered

Where can I buy Skyline Luge tickets?

You can purchase Skyline Luge tickets at the venue (Siloso Beach entrance) or online. If you're looking for deals and discounted tickets to Skyline Luge, you can purchase tickets online from a third-party ticket vendor.

What types of Skyline Luge tickets are currently available?

You can choose either a Standard ticket to Sentosa Skyline Luge or an Exclusive Priority Pass that allows you to bypass queues and head right in for a ride! The Jolly Sentosa Special Pass allows you to choose any three attractions out of 5 within Sentosa Island.

What is the validity of Skyline Luge tickets?

The tickets to Skyline Luge are valid only for the date and time slot mentioned on the ticket.

What is the Singapore Skyline Luge ticket cancellation policy?

Tickets to Skyline Luge cannot be cancelled, amended or rescheduled.

How long in advance can I purchase Singapore Skyline Luge tickets?

You can purchase Singapore Skyline Luge tickets up to three months in advance.

What are Skyline Luge timings?

The operating hours of Singapore Skyline Luge are 11 AM to 7:30 PM on Sunday to Thursday with the last ride approximately at 7:15 PM; On Friday and Saturday, it operates between 11 AM to 9:30 PM with the last ride at 9:15 PM.

Is Skyline Luge wheelchair accessible?

No, Skyline Luge is not wheelchair accessible.

Are there lockers available at Singapore Luge?

Locker service can be availed at a small charge. You can check with the ticket counter staff for the fees and availability.

What is the best Singapore Skyline Luge Ticket option?

The Jolly Sentosa Special Pass is a great option for couples, kids, or families. The pass allows you to choose between any three of these five top attractions at Sentosa — Madame Tussauds Singapore, Segway Fun Ride, Trick Eye Museum, AdventureLand, and Skyline Luge Sentosa. A win-win for all!

What is included in the Luge & Skyride combo options?

A Luge/ Skyride combo includes a Luge ride and a Skyride. You take the Skyride to the top of the Luge track, then Luge down or you can do this in the opposite direction.

How long does it take to ride the Luge?

It takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete 1 Luge & Skyride, but can take longer during peak hours and on holidays.