Kiztopia Singapore: A Place for Kids to Play and Learn

The island nation of Singapore is possibly among the foremost tourist destinations of the southern hemisphere. The compact size of Singapore plays a huge part in its popularity. Scattered throughout the city are unquestionable gems which are in equal parts fun and accessible to the tourists. One such attraction is Kiztopia Singapore, which is the perfect place for playing, learning, having fun, and bonding with your kids. Children can travel through 16 themed play areas packed with games such as augmented reality basketball, role-playing stations, and more. This Marina Square indoor playground is 18,000 square feet in size, so you'll have plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Kiztopia Singapore: Highlights

  • Kiztopia Singapore has opened to the public in a limited capacity from January 11, 2021.
  • It is geared towards children’s insatiable hunger for fun and thrill, with the activities and games developed keeping in mind the various developing skills of children.
  • Kiztopia Singapore, through its rides and activities, aims to teach the children about its core values: Kindness, Integrity, Zeal, Teamwork, Optimism, Passion, Inspiration, and Adaptability.
  • The venue has obstacle courses that help children burn their hyperactive energy, and activities like slides and ball pits provide non-stop fun to the tiny tots.
  • Roleplay stations at Kiztopia Singapore help the children boost and nurture their imagination.
  • AR games provide children with an outlet for modern technology-dependent fun.
  • Kiztopia Singapore also has rides like toy trains for toddlers and younger kids.

Things to Do at Kiztopia Singapore

Kiztopia SIngapore

Ball Pits (Sprite & Pepe's Ball)

For the daring and older children, Sprite has a small play platform, ball pit, and even mini obstacles. Pepe’s Ball is a smaller ball pit for the younger children and toddlers.

Kiztopia Singapore attractions

Ninja Warriors

Ninja Warriors is teeming with obstacles, stairs, and other kinetic features such as monkey bars and a swinging bridge. This one will certainly give your kids a good workout and hopefully tire them out soon.

Singapore kiztopia

Chug Eli

This ride is for the toddlers and the younger visitors of Kiztopia Singapore. One of the Kiztopia mascots, Eli the Elephant brings this train-themed ride to life.

Singapore indoor playground

Bell's Cuisine

A kids’ play zone without a make-believe cooking station is unrealistic. Kiztopia Singapore’s Bell’s Cuisine is a favorite among the children and consists of quite an elaborate kitchen set up along with a dining area.

Raby’s Mart

Roleplaying in the supermarket is one of the many ingenious ideas that have been realized at Kiztopia Singapore. To top it off, this delightful little spot has replica groceries and food items as well as a checkout counter

Hero Square

Hero Square is possibly the most happening of the various zones at Kiztopia Singapore. The kids can meet and greet the Kiztopia Singapore mascots in this zone and take a breather from the games.

Bouncy Tiger

Is it even a kids’ playground if it has no bouncy castles? Kiztopia Singapore uses the advantage of its vast area to put in the Bouncy Tiger that rarely ceases to be popular among its visitors.

Tina Snips

Tina Snips is the ideal place for children to express their vision. A mini changing room is located in this play area, where they can put on a medley of outfits ranging from royalties to superheroes.

Mojo Zone

For the kids who tend to keep really busy, Mojo Zone is the ideal place. Two swirly slides, a large ball pit, and even banana boats to ride on as though the kids are on the water can all be found in this section.

Pio’s Drift

Driving is probably one of the most common obsessions of little kids. Pio’s Drift caters to these kids with its mini cars and gas stations to add a little bit of realism to it.

Cosmic Space

Five sets of 5-7 meter long slides are housed in Cosmic Space. They also have climbing structures and a swing in the shape of a battering ram behind the slides. True to its name, Cosmic Space is a place to indulge in futuristic fun.


Kids love trampolines. — and this attraction at Kiztopia Singapore counts on this aspect when it comes to Trampio. This popular attraction at the playground has three trampolines of varying sizes.

Raby’s Pit

Kids love playing with sand at the beach. It is an outdoor experience that is difficult to replicate indoors. However, Raby’s Pit gets as close to the real thing as possible. Raby's Pit provides a sensory environment for children by allowing them to play with sand, except instead of sand, they use small wood cubes.

Alley Oop Mark

Alley Oop Mark has a virtual reality basketball studio where kids can pick up a mini ball and aim it at a wall-mounted hoop. It is one of the multiple AR Wall features present at Kiztopia Singapore.

Chichi’s Art

Kiztopia Singapore encourages creativity in children by letting them build and draw art on interactive screens and have it projected onto AR projection walls at Chichi’s Art zone.

Honey Notes

Kiztopia Singapore has attractions that help bring out the hidden talent in children. Honey Notes allows children to interact and create music with projected instruments on the projector by touching them.

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Kiztopia Singapore: FAQs

Is Kiztopia open now?

Yes, Kiztopia Singapore is open now.

Is it worth visiting Kiztopia Singapore?

If you are visiting Singapore with kids, Kiztopia Singapore is definitely worth checking out.

What are Kiztopia Singapore timings?

Kiztopia Singapore is open on Sundays to Thursdays 10 AM to 8 PM and on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 AM to 10 PM. Kiztopia Singapore will remain close on the first Tuesday of every month for deep cleaning.

What can I do at Singapore Kiztopia?

Kiztopia Singapore has numerous activities for kids of all ages. From fun rides to interactive games, it is sure to become one of the most memorable experiences of the trip for your children.

Can I bring food to Kiztopia Singapore?

No, food and drinks from the outside are not allowed at Kiztopia Singapore.

Is Kiztopia safe for kids?

Yes, Kiztopia Singapore is safe for kids and all activities are created keeping the safety of kids in mind.

What are some activities for toddlers at Kiztopia Singapore?

Chug Eli, Pepe’s Ball, and Bouncy Tiger are some of the activities at Kiztopia Singapore suitable for toddlers.

What are some activities for pre-teens at Kiztopia?

Pre-teens will love Honey Notes, Sprite, and Ninja Warriors at Kiztopia Singapore.

What are some activities for teens at Kiztopia Singapore?

Alley Oop Mark, Trampio, and Cosmic Space are activities suitable for teens at Kiztopia.