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Visiting Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore | Book Mandai Wildlife Reserve Tickets

Mandai Wildlife reserve is in the North of the main Singapore Island. A beautiful lush green paradise that houses birds and wildlife, this is wildlife reserve is home to lots of terrestrial and water-based creatures. You can get up close and personal with some of the gentle land animals that you can feed in designated areas! Watch them do cute tricks and acts that are endearing and enthralling, go on a boat ride and see water animals that hail from the Amazon forests, go on night safaris, river rides and so many more things that will make you feel closer to nature! Luxuriate in a soothing environment where wildlife and civilization coexist harmoniously.

Read on to know more about the tickets, the highlights, discounts and more!

Why Visit Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

Mandai Wildlife Reserve
  • Covering a wide acreage, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve is as much a conservation centre as a reserve where visitors can be enthralled by a variety of birds and animals. 
  • With over 3000 animals from various parts of the world, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve is vast. Get to know the animals, birds, amphibians, and other creatures that call this beautiful place home. This property also houses the Singapore Zoo. 
  • You can go on Night safaris which is a unique experience where you can experience the thrilling night-time activities of wild animals. Now you can guess what those strange noises in the night mean and shed your fears!
  • Exciting boat rides and river rides will introduce you to the wildlife that lives in the water, and you can get a new perspective on life in the rivers
  • The Bird Paradise is Asia’s largest bird park and you can visit the bird park while at Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

All Your Mandai Wildlife Reserve Ticket Options Explained

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Singapore Zoo Tickets
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Singapore Night Safari
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - River Wonders
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Bird Paradise

Zones Inside Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Night Safari

Night Safari

You can choose to go on a tram ride around the park and know more about the nocturnal activities of the park’s wild animal residents. Walking night tours are also available. You can know more about some of the most unique creatures from across continents and their night-time activities. Watch them either beginning their day or settling down for the night as the thrill of darkness settles like a cloak

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - River Wonders

River Wonders

Get on the Yangtze River – the longest river in Asia – and have a look at all the amazing animals that live by the riverside. There is also a boat ride on an Amazon simulated river with animals and fishes that thrive in that region. Try spotting as many as you can! Home to one of the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, here you can find many animals from the Amazon regions. 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise

Asia’s largest bird park has a variety of birds from across the world. This bird park also has breeding centers where some of the most endangered species are reared and cared for. Home to exotic birds ranging from pelicans to macaws to birds of prey and everything in between, this is a paradise for all birds. Explore this exotic bird park, get up close and personal and enjoy their company!

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

This zoo plays host to over 4200 animals and reptiles from Asia, Africa and other places can be found coexisting in this lush green space that imitates a tropical rainforest. There are specific zones where you can feed animals and watch them perform cute, adorable tricks. Children aged between 6 – 12 years can know more about behind-the-scenes treatment of animals and the world-class treatment they receive from our excellent zookeepers 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve Highlights

All the zones of Mandai Wildlife Reserve have a few activities in common. These include:

  • Feeding the animals
  • Having a tour of the area on foot or by buggy so you can know more about the animals and their habitat 
  • Keeper Talk where in you can interact with the keepers and know the quirks and details of the animals in the wildlife reserve
  • Animal Shows that showcase the amazing talents of our furry (and feathery) friends!

Apart from them, you can experience the following at the attraction as well.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Fun ‘N’ Games

Fun ‘N’ Games

Children can enjoy playing in wet and dry bird themed playgrounds or have a snack at the café nearby. Older kids have a game room to entertain themselves

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Spot the Egg

Spot the Egg

Learn interesting facts about the different species of birds while you walk around and even touch the extensive egg collection.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Boat Rides

Boat Rides

Enjoy looking at the wild from a different perspective and spot the different animals!

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Riverside Staycation

Riverside Staycation

For a luxurious rustic way to delve into the mysteries of rivers, book a 1-day staycation. Walk around the rivers, have a fine dining experience, know about various fishes in the aquariums or feel zen with the giant pandas!

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Farmyard animals For Kids

Farmyard animals For Kids

Acquaint your kids with domestic animals by going on a tour and petting and discovering animals that have helped and lived with humans for ages. 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Staycation in the Wild

Staycation in the Wild

The adventurous can even book a staycation, meet elephants and rhinos, enjoy the delightful wild surroundings in a domed tent and cozy atmosphere

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Weekend Specials

Weekend Specials

During weekends, you can marvel seeing the big cats have their dinner! Have a fascinating insights into the eating habits of the majestic big cats!

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Nocturnal Visits

Nocturnal Visits

Expert guides will explain the nightly rituals of the animals and you can enrich your experience and know more about life after the dark in a cozy atmosphere.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Dinner in the Wild

Dinner in the Wild

A fascinating concept that is a feast for your eyes and your palate! A sensory delight where you enjoy the rustic surroundings and have a private tram tour of the nightlife in the Park. After this exclusive tour, you can have a gourmet 4-course dinner paired with excellent wines for each course. Create beautiful memories that stay for a lifetime!

Plan Your Visit To Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Getting There
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Timmings
  • Timings: 8:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
  • Last Entry: 5:00 P.M.
  • Closed On: Open all year round
  • Best Time To Visit: Much visited place, best to visit in the morning on weekdays to escape crowds.
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Getting There

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Find on Maps.

  • By Train: North-South Line.
    Nearest Stop: Khatib (NS14). Take the Mandai Shuttle 
    Nearest Stop: Choa Chu Chang (NS4). Take the 927 connecting bus 
    Nearest Stop: Ang Mo Kio (NS16). Take the 138 connecting bus
  • By Train: Thomason-East Coast Line
    Nearest Stop: Springleaf (TE4). Take the 138 connecting bus
  • By Car: Distance From Airport: 30 Km from Singapore Changi Airport 
    Car Parking: Ample paid parking space available near the entrance of the Wildlife Reserve.
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Rules
  • Please walk only on prescribed routes and do not stray as the other areas are inhabited by wild animals and so very dangerous
  • While going on bus and boat rides, see to it that you are completely inside the vehicle (or boat as the case may be) and not lean out or signal to the animals
  • Respect animals. Do not make loud noises and disturb the peace of the atmosphere since animals are more sensitive to noise
  • For the boat rides, minimum height of the child should be 1.06 metres. In case, a child does not meet the specifications, then a supervising adult has to stay back with the child
  • In case of emergency, especially if macaques approach you when you have food, please call the emergency number that will be provided to you by Park authorities. In the meantime, just stay calm and don’t show your panic. 
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Nearby
  • Chestnut Nature Park: Beautiful area is ideal for hiking and mountain biking through woodland while you look out for beautiful and exotic words.
  • Tree Top Walk: walk 25 metres above ground over trees and get an eagle’s view of the forest below on a 250m suspension bridge.
  • Upper Seletor Reservoir: A soothing place for nature lovers and a historical site where you can enjoy panoramic views, amazing sunsets and great food.
Mandai Wildlife Reserve - Shopping
  • Get a memento to remember your stay amidst the lush greenery at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve!
  • Get some cute nature-inspired toys and clothes for your kids or have Singapore’s first Baby Panda carrier set in the comfort of your home! do your part in encouraging conservation by buying sustainable merchandise at the gift shops in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve!

Visitor Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes since you will be walking quite a lot.
  • Photography is allowed but, in some instances, you may also be photographed in the Wildlife Park.
  • Arrive as per the time printed on your ticket since the park does not want visitors overcrowding the reserve. You can stay for as long as you want and enjoy all the attractions.
  • Bring water and small eats so you can be hydrated.
  • Be prepared to spend a whole day here as it has a lot of attractions.

All Your Questions About Mandai Wildlife Reserve Tickets Answered

Q. Where can I buy Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets?

A. You can buy Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets online to avail great prices and offers..

Q. Can I buy Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets online?

A. Yes, you can buy Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets online and get great discounts as well.

Q. What is the cost of Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets?

A. The range of Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets lies between S$36 – S$55 based on what you wish to experience.

Q. Can I get a discount on Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets?

A. Yes, you can get discounts on Mandai Wildlife Reserve tickets if you purchase them online.

Q. What is Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. This is a conservation-oriented wildlife reserve that has over 300 animals from across the world. It is surrounded by lush greenery, flowing rivers and streams that is conducive to creating a comfortable and soothing habitat for the animals housed in this wildlife reserve.

Q. Where is Mandai Wildlife Reserve located?

A. It is located in North Singapore’s Mandai region that is approximately 13 km from the capital city.

Q. What are some of the highlights of Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. The Bird Paradise, Night Safaris, Singapore Zoo, River rides and boat rides make this quite an attractive place.

Q. How to reach Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. The easiest way to reach this wildlife reserve is by taxi or by car. Buses are also a cheaper option to reach this place.

Q. What are the timings of Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. 8:30a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Last entry into the reserve is at 11:15p.m.

Q. What facilities are available in Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. Dine in restrooms diaper changing facilities nursing room for babies, wheelchair and stroller rentals, water dispenser and free wi-fi are the many facilities available at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Q. Is Mandai Wildlife Reserve wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, Mandai Wildlife Reserve is wheelchair accessible.

Q. Is photography allowed in Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. Yes, photography is allowed in Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Q. Is it worth visiting Mandai Wildlife Reserve?

A. Visiting the Mandai Wildlife Reserve is an amazing experience where you can experience lots of things. Many different creatures coexist in this vast lush green acreage that is beautiful blend of wilderness and civilization. This is a must visit place where you can relax and be one with nature and other creatures that make our planet so beautiful and exotic.