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A Guide to Visiting Singapore in June | Attractions, Events, Weather & More

Singapore is one of the world’s most popular business and tourist destinations and the most crucial hub in South-East Asia. Singapore has achieved this extraordinary feat in the 60 short years since it got its independence from neighboring Malaysia.  

The culture of Singapore is a mosaic of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Eurasian influences. Thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, It is a melting pot of culture and history. It also provides an extravaganza of culinary delights. 

Is June a Good Time to Visit Singapore?

Singapore In June Weather:

June is when the Southwest Monsoon makes an appearance in Singapore. There will be short-lived showers, usually between early morning to midday. June usually has 160 mm of rainfall spread over three weeks.

Singapore in June

Why You Should Visit:

  • Cooler climes will spare Singapore's energy-sapping heat.
  • The Great Singapore Sale is one and is raining discounts as well.
  • Humidity will be low as the monsoon sets in.
Singapore in June - What to Look Out For

What to Look Out For:

  • June is peak season, meaning more holidaymakers and locals throng all popular tourist attractions. 
  • Accommodation in Singapore is not cheap. In June, the prices go higher due to the peak tourist season.
  • Haze from Indonesian fires continues to affect Singapore. Asthma patients should take note and avoid Singapore in June.

Overview of the Weather in Singapore in June

More About the Weather in Singapore in June

What is the temperature in June?

Singapore in June weather is cooler than in the previous months as the monsoon season starts. The temperatures are similar to the rest of the year. They stay at an average of 27°C / 81°F. The humidity levels drop due to the rains. 

What is the heat index in June?

In June, the average heat index is 40.1°C (104.2°F) which is lower than that of May. Outdoor activities will be easier to undertake due to lower humidity. 

 How much rain does Singapore get in June?

Singapore in June experiences around 163 mm of rain spread over three weeks. 

How much daylight does Singapore get in June?

Singapore in June sees an average length of 12 hours of daylight.

Best Things to do when visiting Singapore in June

A June visit to Singapore will delight your senses and threaten your wallet. The very popular Dragon Boat Festival kicks off with the sound of rhythmic drum beats. The grand Singapore Shopping Sale also commences in June. 

Apart from these two highlights, there is much more Singapore has to offer. 

Singapore in June - Gardens By the Bay
Singapore in June - Singapore Flyer
Singapore in June - Marina Bay Sands
Singapore in June - Madame Tussauds
Singapore in June - Singapore Cruises
Singapore in June - National Gallery Singapore
Singapore in June - Universal Studios
Singapore in June - Skypark Sentosa
Singapore in June - Duck Tours
Singapore in June - Adventure Cove Waterpark
Singapore in June - Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Singapore in June - Sifr Aromatics

Top Experiences & Things to do in Singapore in June


Festivals in Singapore in June

Singapore in June - The Great Singapore Sale
Singapore in June - Dragon Boat Festival

Events in Singapore in June

Singapore in June - Love and Light Festival
Singapore in June - 28th Singapore International Piano Festival - Ingrid Filter

Know Before You Visit Singapore in June

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
Singapore in June - know before you go
Singapore in June - What to Wear

What to wear in Singapore in June

  • Cotton t-shirts, shorts, and other lightweight clothing made of breathable fabric are ideal as Singapore faces all the brunt of the sun all year through as it is close to the equator.
  • Women can pack comfy capris, cotton, and linen tops along with shorts and skirts. A cardigan or shawl would come in handy for mall hopping as it can get quite cold inside because of the air-conditioning. 
  • Men can pack chinos and polo tees along with their shorts and round neck t-shirts. A button-down shirt and linen trousers are ideal for visiting up-market restaurants.
Singapore in June - What to Pack

What to Pack in Singapore in June

  • Sunscreen – Good sunscreen is a must in sunny Singapore. Thanks to its geographical location, the sun can be pretty intense. Unless you are getting yourself a tan at the beach, remember to always use sunscreen when out and about during the day.
  • Umbrella – June sees the emergency of the southwest monsoon, and wet weather is a certainty. In the rainy season, a downpour can start without warning. Always keep an umbrella handy to avoid getting drenched.
  • Comfortable Shoes – Walking is always fun. This is particularly true when exploring a new city. Make sure you carry a pair of comfortable shoes ideal for all that walking.
Singapore in June - Transport

Getting Around in Singapore in June

  • Given the cost of driving a car, even a rental, public transport is the way to go. Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system is efficient and punctual. It is one of the easiest ways of getting around the city. 
  • The bus service is to be lauded for its island-wide connectivity. And it complements the MRT system perfectly. Bus stops and MRT stations are always in close proximity to each other. This makes getting around the island a breeze.
  • Singapore’s public transit system includes taxis for the occasional blind spot in their bus and MRT services. Taxis come in handy when the destination is some way off or requires switching between too many transit points.
Singapore in June - what to eat

What to eat in Singapore in June

  • Japanese Soft Shell Crab - This rather eclectic dish is popular because of its delicate taste that suits any palate. Once you taste it, this Japanese dish will leave you wanting more.
  • Fishball Noodles - A bowl of fishball noodles is comfort food at its best. It is a very popular dish and is found at food courts, hawker stalls, and coffee shops. Fishball noodles can be served either as soup or dry, and you can choose between a variety of noodles.
  • Sambal Stingray - Sambal is made from chili peppers, shrimp, fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, ginger, and shallots. This paste is used to marinade the Stingray and tastes best barbecued.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Singapore in June

  • Skip the pricey hotels as the price of accommodations goes up in June. Many affordable hostels are located in vibrant districts such as Bugis-Kampong Glam and Clark Quay.
  • Be on the lookout for underground tunnels that link the MRT with local attractions to avoid the sultry heat of Singapore.
  • Discounts during June extend to popular tourist attractions too. So it helps to keep an eye out for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Singapore in June

Q. Is June a good time to visit Singapore?

June sees the start of the monsoon season. So it will be a lot cooler and more enjoyable to visit Singapore during June.

Q. What are the best things to do in Singapore?

There are many things to do in Singapore, but some of the best include visiting the Gardens by the Bay, going on a night safari, and exploring Chinatown. The Gardens by the Bay are a must-see for any visitor to Singapore. These award-winning gardens feature two huge conservatories—the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest—as well as a Supertree Grove.

Q. Is Singapore cold in June?

It usually starts raining in Singapore during June as the monsoon season starts. The weather gets moderately cool and comfortable.

Q. How hot is Singapore in June?

The average temperature in Singapore during June is somewhere between 31°C - 24°C (88°F - 75° F). Some amount of rain is experienced too. 

Q. Can you swim in Singapore in June?

Swimming in Singapore is popular all year round and a welcome way to beat the heat in sunny Singapore.

Q. Is it sunny in Singapore in June?

Singapore has a fair share of rainy days mixed with warm and sunny days in June.

Q. What clothes to wear in Singapore in June?

Lightweight clothing that is breezy to keep the heat at bay and comfortable footwear come in handy in Singapore.

Q. Is it rainy in Singapore in June?

June is the beginning of the rainy season and has rainfall of up to 163 mm.

Q. Is Singapore expensive to visit?

Singapore is an expensive city for any tourist, particularly if you are a backpacker.

Q. How safe is Singapore?

Singapore is known for its safety, low crime rate, and law-abiding citizens.

Q. What can I see in Singapore in June?

Some popular attractions would be Punggol Waterway Park and Pulau Ubin, home to the last two Kampongs or traditional Singapore Villages. Clarke Quay comes alive with nightlife seekers who head here after a round of shopping from Orchard Road to relax and unwind.

Q. What are the significant events in Singapore in June?

Singapore sees the most popular sport of shopping in June when people put on their sneakers and make a dash for the stores during the Great Singapore Sale. Not to be outdone, the high-energy dragon boat race also happens in June. 

Q. What is the average temperature in Singapore in June?

The average temperature during June is 27ºC or 81ºF.

Q. What are the best things to do in Singapore in June?

Chinatown and Changi Museum are must-visit for history buffs. Chinatown is great for shoppers of souvenirs and traditional Chinese products. Changi Museum is good for those interested in WW2 history.  

Q. What are the best things to do with Kids in Singapore in June?

The Skyline Luge at Sentosa and a visit to Admiralty Park are some of the exciting activities for kids in June.

Q. What are the main festivals in Singapore in June?

The major festivals during June in Singapore are the Dragon Boat Festival and the Great Shopping Festival.