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tickets to slingshot singapore-3
tickets to slingshot singapore-4
tickets to slingshot singapore-5
tickets to slingshot singapore-1
tickets to slingshot singapore-2
tickets to slingshot singapore-3
tickets to slingshot singapore-4
tickets to slingshot singapore-5

Tickets to Slingshot Singapore

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  • The GX-5 Extreme ride in Slingshot Singapore provides stunning, bird's-eye views of the city and is conveniently located in the city center, Clarke Quay.
  • With the GX-5 Extreme Swing, you'll be gently hauled to the top of the tower and then free fall for 40 meters at 120 kilometers per hour, guaranteeing a heart-racing experience and an adrenaline rush.
  • Feel free to let loose as you confront your fears in one of the safest places available(100% safety record), where nothing but excitement and thrills have ever been promised.


  • Entry to Slingshot Singapore
  • Tip: Don’t go empty stomach or with a heavy meal; have something non-greasy, light, and simple.
  • Pregnant women, individuals who have undergone surgery, and those with high blood pressure, cardiac problems, epilepsy, and asthma are advised not to participate in this ride.
  • The minimum height requirement for the experience is at least 120 cm.
  • Guests need to be at least 12 years and above to onboard the rides.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

What is Slingshot Singapore?

Slingshot Singapore is a giant slingshot ride located in Clarke Quay, Singapore. This thrilling ride has gained immense popularity among locals and tourists alike since its opening in 2003. Not only is it an exhilarating experience that will get your blood roaring, but it also provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the stunning Singapore skyline. The ride is a testament to Singapore's innovation and commitment to providing world-class entertainment. Keep scrolling to find out more about tickets, timings, and how to reach and plan your hassle-free & safe visit.

Why Visit Slingshot Singapore?

Slingshot Singapore
  • Slingshot Singapore is located in the center of Clarke Quay, a popular nightlife and entertainment district in Singapore.
  • Since safety is the top priority, the ride is operated by trained professionals and the equipment is audited regularly.
  • The Slingshot Singapore ride offers a rip-roaring ride that will leave you feeling exhilarated and energized.
  • The ride is open until late at night, which means that you can enjoy this amazing experience even after the sun goes down. 
  • Experience the GX-5 Extreme Swing for a thrilling and unique take on a fun night out in the city.
  • Get your dose of adrenaline from rapid flying and free fall thrills.

Slingshot Singapore Highlights

Slingshot Singapore - Views

Unbeatable Views

  • Slingshot Singapore provides an exceptional vantage point of both the Singapore River and skyline, presenting riders with an extraordinary outlook of the city. 
  • You can witness the remarkable sights of renowned landmarks, including the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, and the Esplanade.

Slingshot Singapore - Safety

Safety First

  • The Slingshot Singapore ride is overseen by skilled experts who uphold the utmost safety regulations. 
  • The ride utilizes advanced technology and equipment to ensure the safety and well-being of the riders, guaranteeing a comfortable experience
Slingshot Singapore - Clarke Quay

Located in the Heart of Clarke Quay

  • Slingshot Singapore is nestled in the centre of Clarke Quay, a vibrant hub for nightlife and entertainment.
  • Tourists can conveniently integrate a Slingshot ride with a night of revelry at one of the numerous bars and restaurants in Clarke Quay.

Types of Rides at Slingshot Singapore, Clarke Quay

Slingshot Singapore - GX5 Extreme Swing

GX5 Extreme Swing

The GX-5 Extreme Swing ride at Slingshot Singapore is an experience that will take your breath away. Viewing Singapore's skyline from a height of 40 meters at 120 kph will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It takes about 4-5 minutes for a GX5 Extreme Swing.

Height Requirement: Above 120cm

Age Requirement: 12 years old and above

Slingshot Singapore


Experience total weightlessness as you are catapulted out of the volcano at a force of 3-5 Gs, almost 70m above the ground. The ride offers amazing views of the sky if you dare to open your eyes to "Asia's Tallest Slingshot." It takes approximately 4 minutes for a single ride. 

Height Requirement: Above 125cm

Age Requirement: No age limit

Slingshot Singapore - Scream Combo

Scream Combo

Slingshot Singapore's Scream Combo is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Experience the rush of a free fall from 40m high, followed by a catapult 70m into the sky, all in one day. This combo is sure to leave you screaming for more.

Height Requirement: Above 120cm

Age Requirement: 12 years old and above

Plan Your Visit to Slingshot Singapore

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Slingshot Singapore

Getting There
Parking Facilities
Nearby Attractions
Know Before You Go
Slingshot Singapore - Location

Address:3E River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Block E, Singapore 179024 | Find on Map

Slingshot Singapore - getting there
  • By Metro: On the North-East Line

Nearest Stop: Clarke Quay MRT Station

  • By Train: Downtown Line

Nearest Stop: Fort Canning

  • By Bus: 32, 54, 195, 195A

Nearest Stop: Bef Fort Canning Stn

  • By Car: Distance From Airport: Approximately 19.7 km away from Changi Airport
Slingshot Singapore - timming

Opening Hours: 4:30 PM to 11:30 PM every day.

Last Entry: The last entry to Slingshot Singapore is at 11:00 PM.

Closed On: Slingshot Singapore remains open 365 days a year.

Best Time To Visit: Late evening hours, around 7 PM, to take in the outstanding views of Singapore’s nightlife.

Slingshot Singapore - parking

Visitors can find parking facilities near Slingshot Singapore, including The Central, Riverside Point, and Clarke Quay.

Slingshot Singapore - gardens by the bay
  • Clarke Quay: A historical riverside quay that offers a vibrant nightlife scene, with a variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs.
  • Merlion Park: A popular tourist spot featuring the iconic statue of the Merlion, a mythical creature that is half lion and half fish, with a fountain of water spouting from its mouth.
  • Marina Bay Sands: A luxurious integrated resort that features a hotel, casino, shopping mall, museum, theaters, and the world's largest rooftop infinity pool.
  • Gardens by the Bay: A phenomenal futuristic nature park that features giant supertrees, flower domes, and a cloud forest, offering a unique and immersive experience of nature and technology.
Slingshot Singapore - know before you go
  • Guests must meet height, weight, and age restrictions for safety reasons.
  • Pregnant women, those with pre-existing health issues, and those with casts are not permitted to participate in activities.
  • Participants must be in good health and free from any potentially adverse medical conditions. Seek medical advice if you’re uncertain.
  • Participants must act responsibly and follow all guidelines and safety instructions.
  • Use all safety equipment provided when participating in activities.

Visitor Tips

  • Slingshot Singapore is a popular attraction, so it's advisable to book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues.
  • Visitors are advised to wear comfortable clothing and footwear that are suitable for thrill rides.
  • It's advisable to avoid eating a heavy meal before the ride, as the free-fall and catapulting may cause discomfort.
  • To avoid disappointment, visitors should check the height, weight, and age restrictions before booking tickets.
  • Cameras, mobile phones, and loose articles are not permitted on the ride for safety reasons.
  • Visitors should arrive at the attraction at least 15 minutes before their scheduled ride time.
  • Visitors should plan to spend at least an hour at Slingshot Singapore to enjoy all the rides and attractions.
  • There are nearby dining options and bars at Clarke Quay for visitors who want to grab a bite or drink after their ride.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slingshot Singapore

Can I buy Slingshot Singapore tickets online?

Yes, you can buy tickets online here

What is the price of Slingshot Singapore tickets?

The price of a single ride starts from $45.

Can I get a discount on Slingshot Singapore tickets?

There may be occasional discounts available on the tickets.

What is Slingshot Singapore?

 Slingshot Singapore is a popular amusement ride that catapults riders high into the sky.

Is it safe to take rides at Slingshot Singapore?

Yes, all safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of the riders.

Where is Slingshot Singapore located?

Slingshot Singapore is located in Clarke Quay, along the Singapore River.

What are some of the highlights of Slingshot Singapore?

The free-fall from 40m and catapult 70m into the sky are the highlights of Slingshot Singapore.

How to reach Slingshot on Clarke Quay?

You can reach Slingshot Singapore by metro, train, bus, or car. You can take the North-East Line or board buses 32, 54, 195, or 195A to reach Slingshot.

What are the Slingshot Singapore timings?

Slingshot Singapore operates from 4:30 PM to 11:30 PM every day.

What facilities are available in Slingshot Singapore?

The main facility in Slingshot Singapore is the amusement ride, but there are other facilities available in Clarke Quay, including restaurants, bars, and shops.

Is it worth visiting Slingshot Singapore?

Yes, if you are looking for a wild, intensive experience paired with a great view of Singapore, then Slingshot Singapore is definitely worth a visit.