Supertree Grove is another feather in the hat of Singapore’s utopian architecture. These ‘Supertrees’ are aesthetically pleasing structures designed to resemble trees. Standing between 25 and 50 meters tall these canopies provide shade in the morning and feature a dazzling light show at night. 12 out of 18 of these Supertrees stand in the Gardens by the Bay, which is a nature park in the heart of Singapore. This botanical garden is so beautiful that it even inspired the artwork of the fictional world of Xander in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy! Read on to learn all about the Supertree Grove and what you can expect from it.

Supertree Grove in a Nutshell

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  • Supertree Grove is located in Gardens by the Bay, which is a nature park in the centre of Singapore. More specifically, the Grove is located in the Bay’s south garden.
  • Supertrees are beautiful artificial tree-like structures designed as a perfect balance of nature and technology. They light up to feature a breathtaking and magical spectacle at night and provide shade during the day.
  • These Supertrees are arguably as environmentally friendly as real trees. Some of them have solar panels that store energy for the light show at night. Some others have air exhaust receptacles to cool the surrounding conservatories. All the supertrees collect and use rainwater for irrigation and fountain displays.
  • The core of the Supertree is concrete, and a steel trunk attached around it. The ‘living skin’ or the plants on the trunk are attached via planting panels. The canopy is placed on top like an inverted umbrella to complete the Supertree.
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  • Supertree Grove has over 158,000 plants. Over 700 species and varieties of orchids, bromeliads, ferns, and tropical flowering climbers can be found on the 18 Supertrees.
  • Located in the canopy of the biggest Supertree is the Supertree Observatory. This provides an unbridled view of the lush surroundings of Gardens by the Bay. You can view the cityscape from here, enjoy light refreshments, and engage in a digital learning experience.
  • Gardens by the Bay is part of Singapore’s national plan to transform into a ‘City in a Garden'. It was announced by the Prime Minister in 2005 and was intended to be Singapore's premier urban outdoor recreation space.
  • Gardens by the Bay feature three main zones, Bay Central, East, and South Gardens. These zones feature amazing horticulture and garden artistry. They are also often referred to as the lungs of the city.

Plan Your Visit to Supertree Grove

Location: Supertree Grove is located in the Bay South Garden of the Gardens by Bay Singapore.

Supertree Grove opening hours: Supertree Grove is open daily from 5 AM to 2 AM.

Getting to Supertree Grove Singapore:

  • MRT : Arrive at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16) and take Exit B, and follow the underground linkway. Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge to reach Gardens by the Bay.
  •  Bus: Take bus 400 to arrive at bus stop no. 03371 along Marina Gardens Drive.

Things to do around Supertree Grove

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OCBC Skyway
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Supertree Grove: FAQs

Is it worth visiting Supertree Grove?

Yes, it is definitely worth visiting Supertree Grove. It has magnificent light displays at night and beautiful architecture with an array of plants to explore in the day. It is a great place if you want to have a relaxed and easy outing.

What is a Supertree?

Supertrees are artificial trees with a canopy structure like structure on top and live plants reinforced on its trunk. These structures light up to make a dazzling spectacle at night.

What can I do at Supertree Grove?

You can walk on the OCBC Skyway, experience the Supertree Observatory, and soak in the Garden Rhapsody show, among other things.

What are Supertree Grove timings?

Supertree Grove is open daily from 5 AM to 2 AM. The supertree observatory is open from 4 PM to 9 PM on weekdays and from 12 PM to 9 PM on weekends and public holidays.

Where is Supertree Grove located in Gardens by Bay Singapore?

Supertree Grove is located in the Bay South Garden of the Gardens by Bay Singapore.