Gardens by the Bay attractions

All You Need to Know About Gardens by the Bay Attractions

A Detailed Look at Gardens by the Bay Attractions

Gardens by the Bay is a lavish lush space built in the south of Singapore. With the mission to improve the natural flora and fauna of the city, the gardens have taken a huge step by innovating a series of marvelous creations from cooled conservatories and lakes to indoor waterfalls and even towering supertrees that have now become one of the eye-catching landmarks of the city. Learn all about thees Gardens by the Bay attractions before you make your way to this impressive man-made destination.

Gardens by the Bay Attractions

The Conservatories

One of the most popular Gardens by the Bay attractions, the Gardens by the bay conservatories are situated at the edge of Marina Reservoir. The conservatory complex is spread over an area of 20,000 sq. meters. It is home to both Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest representing a unique range of plants, trees, and flowers setting a magical experience for visitors to see. 

Gardens by the Bay Attractions

Flower Dome

Step in to discover the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, the largest greenhouse in the world. Covering an area of 1.2 hectares - the conservatory appears like a small jungle that comprises rare species of all plants beautiful and lush coming from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions. Walk through the complex to discover the seven unique set of gardens showcasing a variety of flora.

Gardens by the Bay Attractions

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove is built at a height between 25 to 50 meters with large canopies making it stand apart from the rest of the attractions at the gardens. Head down to visit this iconic Gardens by the Bay supertree that is designed with the ability to provide shade during the day and bring out mesmerizing lights and sounds at night giving an unforgettable visual experience. 

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Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Floral Fantasy

Here you’ll see a display of over 3,000 types of exotic flora that range more than 150 species. Head down to this Gardens by the Bay attraction to witness the whimsical and immersive landscapes to capture the suspended lush plants from the ceiling whilst enjoying the calming sounds of the brooks. Don’t miss out on the  Waltz - a rainforest oasis where you can spot vibrant Poison Dart Frogs. 

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Gardens by the Bay Attractions

OCBC Skyway

Witness a breathtaking panoramic view from the top as you make your way over the OCBC Skyway, one of the most iconic Gardens by the Bay attractions. Located 22 meters high, this pathway loops around the Supertrees giving you a closer look at the marvelous creations. Complete your evening by watching the place transform with electrifying light and sound show that’s definitely worth the worth. 

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Gardens by the Bay Attractions

Cloud Forest

The Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest is home to the world's largest indoor waterfall. Here you’ll get to witness breathtaking views of the mountain and hidden flora gems collected from different parts of the world. Explore the orchids, ferns, begonias, carnivorous pitcher plants, and more as you enter this iconic tropical highland. 

Gardens by the Bay Attractions

Heritage Garden

Travel back in time as you enter the Heritage Garden, one of the most famous gardens by the bay attractions, to learn all about the origin of Singapore, its people, and how strongly they are connected with flora and fauna. Here, you’ll step in to discover the four themed parks- Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Colonial Gardens that were all inspired by the history these communities had with mother nature.

Gardens by the Bay Attractions

Art Sculptures

Gardens by the Bay Singapore is home to more than 40 sculptures from around the world. It features distinctive pieces, unique crafts, and stonework that blends beautifully with the flora displays, adding a whole new dimension to the landscape.