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About Wild Wild Wet: The Ultimate Guide To Rides, Dining, Shopping, & Stay

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Since opening in 2004, Wild Wild Wet has become one of Singapore’s most iconic waterparks. It underwent an expansion in 2017, after which more exciting rides were added to its repertoire. 

Catering to a range of guests from thrill-seekers to little kids, Wild Wild Wet Singapore has something for everyone. Let's take a look at the top rides at Wild Wild Wet, and other amenities like dining and staycations you can enjoy during your visit.

Rides & Attractions At Wild Wild Wet

Here are the top must-visit rides at Wild Wild Wet. We'll break it down for you based on the water depth, the ride intensity, and who should definitely check it out. The water splashes are a given, so we'll skip that part!

Wild Wild Wet

Professor’s Playground

Go wild in this "laboratory" full of water canons, fountains, and slides.

Water Depth: 0.3m

Ride Intensity: Moderate

Great For: The whole family including the little ones.

Wild Wild Wet

Kraken Racers

Prepared for some friendly competition as you race down this giant 4-lane water slide.

Water Depth: NA

Ride Intensity: Moderate

Great For: Competitive folks who enjoy a bit of speed.

Wild Wild Wet

Kidz Zone

The kid-sized versions of the Royal Flush, Kraken Racers and more. Good luck getting your little ones to leave!

Water Depth: 0.45m

Ride Intensity: Kid-Friendly

Great For: Children who want to go on the taller people rides.

Wild Wild Wet

Royal Flush

Hold on to your water tube as you zip around a gigantic bowl and whoosh down a slide and splash into a pool.

Water Depth: NA

Ride Intensity: Moderate to Extreme

Great For: The whole family!

Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River

Take a tour around Wild Wild Wet as you relax on a water tube floating along a huge outdoor pool circling the water park.

Water Depth: 1.0m

Ride Intensity: Moderate

Great For: Folks who want to kick back and relax in their own pace.

Wild Wild Wet


Transport yourself to the middle of the ocean as you experience waves flow underneath your body at this outdoor wave pool.

Water Depth: 1.8m at the deepest end

Ride Intensity: Moderate

Great For: Anyone who likes to have fun and get wet but not go completely wild.

Wild Wild Wet

Free Fall

Hop on the steepest ride at Wild Wild Wet and slide down 50 feet per second as you splash down into the water!

Water Depth: NA

Ride Intensity: Extreme

Great For: All the thrill chasers looking for an adrenaline rush.

Wild Wild Wet


Reach speeds of 70 kmph inside Wild Wild Wet as you zip through this 18-meter high slide onto a series of high speed twists and turns.

Water Depth: 0.4m

Ride Intensity: Extreme

Great For: Brave hearts who's only mission is to go wild at Wild Wild Wet.

Wild Wild Wet


Scream your heart out as you go on this high-speed water slide full of crazy loops and turns. Be warned: it'll be over before you know it.

Water Depth: NA

Ride Intensity: Extreme

Great For: Folks who still want more after the Free Fall and Torpedo.

Other Facilities & Amenities At Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet


Wild Wild Wet rules prohibits you from brining food and drinks into the water park. But worry not! There are some food stalls and vending machines inside Wild Wild Wet that can satisfy your hunger. If you want something more, you can head to Downtown East right next door, where you'll find restaurants like Takagi Ramen, Wine Connection Bistro, and Ministry of Burgers for a more hearty meal.

Wild Wild Wet
Wild Wild Wet


The most convenient option for your stay is D'Resort which is a luxury resort located within the Downtown East complex. The best part is the proximity to Wild Wild Wet. All you need to do is take a short walk from the resort to reach the water park, making it a no-brainer for a staycation while visiting Wild Wild Wet. You can also check out some other hotels and resorts near Wild Wild Wet below.

Pro-tip: If you are visiting Singapore from another country, plan your visit to Wild Wild Wet such that you book your stay at D'Resort. Not only do you get easy access to Wild Wild Wet, you also have the Downtown East mall where you can check some of your shopping in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wild Wild Wet

Where is Wild Wild Wet located?

Wild Wild Wet is located in the Downtown East shopping complex at Pasir Ris, Singapore.

What types of rides does Wild Wild Wet have?

Wild Wild Wet has a total of 15 rides that are divided into three categories based on the intensity: kid-friendly, moderate, and extreme. Know more about each ride at Wild Wild Wet, here.

Are there any restaurants at Wild Wild Wet?

There are a few food stalls and vending machines at Wild Wild Wet where you can get snacks and drinks. There also several restaurants near Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East that caters to various cuisines and budgets.

When did Wild Wild Wet first open?

Wild Wild Wet first opened its doors in 2004, and underwent an expansion in 2017. It currently has 15 rides and attractions and is one of the oldest and well known theme parks in Singapore.

Does Wild Wild Wet have any rules to be followed?

Yes, Wild Wild Wet has a set of rules and regulations that every visitor must follow during their visit.

Is Wild Wild Wet safe for children?

Yes, Wild Wild Wet is a family-friendly attraction in Singapore that is safe for all ages and children. They have rides such as the Kidz Zone, Yippie Pool, Jacuzzi, and Professor's Playground that are specially made to entertain the kids.

Are there any age restrictions to enter Wild Wild Wet?

Wild Wild Wet does not have an age restriction for entry to the water park, however certain rides do have a height and weight limit for admission.

How can I reach Wild Wild Wet?

You can reach Wild Wild Wet easily via bus, MRT, and car.