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A Look Into The National Orchid Garden Zones & Attractions

National Orchid Garden Map | A Look Inside The Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden has an expansive collection of orchids and other exotic, tropical plants that are found all over the world. They are spread across the garden across zones that embody different topologies, making for a wonderful experience for both your mind and your eyes. Who knows, you might even find inspiration to spruce up or start your own home garden, after your visit to the National Orchid Garden.

National Orchid Garden Map

Must-Visit National Orchid Garden Zones

Tree in a greenhouse in Singapore

Tropical Montane Orchidetum

Highlights: Tropical orchids, bromeliads, rhododendrons, ginger

What To Expect:

  • In this zone, you'll be transported to a montane floral ecosystem where you get to explore how various types of orchids and other plant species thrive at different elevations.
  • This zone is a gradually elevated trail, since it aims to replicate a montane forest, so you'll get to see interesting hybrids and species of plants you've never seen before.
Bromeliads in National Orchid Garden

Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection

Highlights: Bromeliads, aroids, calatheas, orchids

What To Expect:

  • Walk around at an altitude of 650m to 1,000m, in a simulated Central/South American forest environment and take in the dizzying varieties of bromeliads at this exhibit. If you find flowers that resemble a pineapple, don't worry. They're in the same family.
  • Apart from the various sub-types of bromeliads, you'll also see hybrids of orchids and uniquely shaped aroids that grow in a neotropical environment.
Lady's Slipper hybrids in National Orchid Garden

Tan Hoon Siang Mist House

Highlights: Rare paleotropical orchids

What To Expect:

  • This area of the National Orchid Garden gives of a tropical Asian, or African garden, and features a range of unusual, and even prize-winning orchids. These orchids are specially bred and kept as part of the National Orchid Garden's roster.
  • Some orchids to look out for include the Lady's Slipper hybrids, dendrobiums, Moth orchids, and Vandaceous orchids.
Boat orchid in National Orchid Garden, Singapore

Sembcorp Cool House

Highlights: Rare, high altitude orchids and hybrids

What To Expect:

  • This zone simulates a high elevation, mountain environment that has temperatures ranging from 16-23 degree celsius and the floral biodiversity of Malesia, Australasia, and Southeast Asia amongst others.
  • You'll find varied species of orchids that are exclusive to higher altitudes, such as Boat orchids, Slipper orchids, and Chain orchids, making for a unique viewing experience for both orchid-enthusiasts and the average Joe.

How to Go Inside National Orchid Garden?

Visitor Tips

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes while you visit the garden as Singapore's climate is generally humid.
  • Make sure to click pictures at the mini attractions at each zone. You'll have plenty of insta-worthy pictures in your arsenal.
  • Visit the VIP Orchid Garden inside the National Orchid Garden to see rare orchids, named after world-renowned celebrities and public figures.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Orchid Garden Map & Zones

What is inside the National Orchid Garden?

The National Orchid Garden is split into four zones, themed on the four seasons of the year. Each of these zones have mini attractions, featuring different topologies consisting of thousands of kinds of orchids from around the world.

Can I go inside the National Orchid Garden?

Yes, you can go inside the National Orchid Garden as long as you have an entry ticket. Book your tickets online for discounts up to 34% on your order.

What are some must-see attractions inside National Orchid Garden?

Some must see attractions inside National Orchid Garden include the Tropical Montane Orchidetum, Sembcorp Cool House, Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection, and Tan Hoon Siang Mist House.

Do I need a ticket to go inisde different National Orchid Garden attractions?

You just need one National Orchid Garden entry ticket to access all the attractions and zones within the garden.

Can you take pictures inside National Orchid Garden?

Yes, you can take pictures and videos for your personal use, while inside the National Orchid Garden.

Is there a dress code I should follow to go inside National Orchid Garden?

There is no strict dress code as such but its good to wear comfortable, airy clothing and covered shoes while inside the garden. This way the Singapore heat and walking through the garden will be a breeze.

Is going inside National Orchid Garden worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it to go inside the National Orchid Garden. You have over 3,000+ varieties of orchids to visit while at the garden. Chances are, you may not be able to see these types of flowers under one roof, anywhere else.