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A handy guide to Singapore Zoo's opening hours: Feeding times, best time to visit & more!


Open 8:30am–6pm

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Singapore Zoo

Jan 1 TO Dec 31 Timings

Days (Jan 1 TO Dec 31)

TIMINGSLast Admission
Monday (Today)8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Wednesday 8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Thursday 8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Friday 8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Saturday 8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Sunday 8:30am–6:00pm 5:00pm
Singapore Zoo Timings

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Best time to visit the Singapore Zoo

Weekday vs Weekend

Like all the major tourist attractions, the footfall at the Singapore Zoo is higher during the weekends compared to the weekdays. Consider visiting the attraction on a weekday to stay clear from the weekend rush and enjoy the Singapore Zoo at a comfortable pace. 








Very Crowded

Peak season vs Low season

The period between March and August, which is also Singapore’s dry season, sees relatively less rainfall and the most sunshine. A visit to the Singapore Zoo during the dry season ensures you do not have to worry about Singapore’s infamous rains and sultry weather. That said, you should always be prepared for an occasional downpour and light showers; in short, Singapore’s unpredictable weather. 













Off Season
Moderate Season
Peak Season

Feeding times at the Singapore Zoo

Apart from seeing the different animals, you can also experience the joy of interacting and feeding them. Here are the feeding times for different animals.

Elephants: Daily at 9:30 AM, 11:45 AM and 4:30 PM
Giraffes: Daily at 10:45 AM, 1:50 PM and 3:45 PM
White Rhinoceros: Daily at 1:15 PM
Tortoise: Daily at 1:15 PM
Zebra: Daily at 10:15 AM and 2:15 PM

How long should I spend at Singapore Zoo?

How long you should spend at the Singapore Zoo will depend on how much of the attraction you are looking to explore. If you are interested only in a few sections of the zoo, you may only need a couple of hours. However, consider setting aside at least 3-4 hours if you wish to look at all the different zones and other sections inside the Singapore Zoo including the Kidz World, Fragile Forest, RepTopia, and more.

Frequently asked questions about Singapore Zoo timings

Is Singapore Zoo open every day?

Yes, the Singapore Zoo is open daily all year long. Though, some enclosures may be closed for maintenance, occasionally.

What are the Singapore Zoo opening hours?

The Zoo is open daily and the timings are 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Does the Singapore Zoo have evening hours?

The Singapore Zoo does not have dedicated evening hours and closes by 6 PM. If you want a nighttime wildlife experience, Night Safari is a great option to consider; not to mention, it's located right inside the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Are there any specific timings for last admission?

Yes, the last admission at the Singapore Zoo is at 5 PM.

When is Singapore Zoo closed?

The Singapore Zoo is open throughout the year, even during public holidays.

How long should I spend at Singapore Zoo?

You should ideally spend around 3-4 hours at the Singapore Zoo to see all the animals, live shows and presentations.

What is the best time to visit Singapore Zoo?

If you want the best weather, any time between March and September is the best time to visit the Singapore Zoo. In terms of best time of the week, weekends see a lot more footfall at the Zoo, so if you want a less crowded experience, weekdays are the best time to visit.

Is Singapore Zoo open on public holidays?

Yes, Singapore Zoo is open on public holidays. Just to be on the safer side, it's best to confirm opening hours with the Zoo, before you head out.

Should I visit Singapore Zoo on a public holiday?

It is best to avoid visiting the Singapore Zoo on a public holiday as it is generally more crowded compared to the other days.