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A look into the zones and animals of the Singapore Zoo: Orangutans, Asiatic Lions & more to explore!


Situated in Mandai, the Singapore Zoo is renowned for its immersive habitats, ensuring that its animals feel at home in environments closely resembling their natural habitat. The Zoo has numerous zones for you to explore, from Australasia to Wild Africa, each with animals from that respective region. Read on to learn about the zones and animals at the Singapore Zoo, so you know what to expect on your visit!

All the zones of Singapore Zoo and the animals you'll spot there

Singapore Zoo Australasia zone

Australasia zone

  • In the Australasia Zone, you will be able to find the most widely found species of mammals in the region - the marsupials. Native to the lands of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, these kangaroo species are endless - right from tree kangaroos to grey kangaroos. 
  • The zone also follows a Species Management Plan, where animals from one zoo are paired with animals from another, to prevent inbreeding. Also find wallabies and other bird species you never even knew existed!
Singapore Zoo Elephants of Asia

Elephants of Asia

  • At the Elephants of Asia Zone, you will be able to interact with elephants, a species highly revered in Asian culture. 
  • All the elephants in the zoo are females, and you can use this time to observe their different personality traits - from the leader of the clan to the feisty lone warriors. 
  • The zone spans about one hectare and is filled with play toys for the elephants, which are important to their growth. 
  • For an additional amount, you can also feed the elephants during their feeding time!
Orangutans at Singapore Zoo

Orangutan Island & Boardwalk

  • Arguably one of the most popular zones at the Singapore Zoo, this open-aired enclosure is home to the friendly Orangutans. 
  • Deemed critically endangered by the IUCN, these tree-living mammals are protected by the Singapore Zoo and their team of keepers. There are currently six Orangutans being sheltered at the Zoo.
  • Hear more about the quirks and habits of these apes during the daily Keeper Talks at Orangutan Island.
Singapore Zoo Fragile Forest

Fragile Forest

  • This biodome replicates the conditions you would normally expect in a rainforest, and has in abundance wildlife that is native to that environment. 
  • You will come across camouflaged amphibians, flying foxes, mouse deers, monkeys, sloths and so many more! At the interactive window within the zone, you can also witness a caterpillar crawl down your arm and learn about their indispensable contribution to the ecosystem. 
Singapore Zoo Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

  • The Great Rift Valley is an interesting geographical phenomena caused by the movement of Earth's tectonic plates and a subsequent crack formed in the surface, also visible from space. 
  • This unique space is home to rich wildlife which can survive in rocky terrain. Here you will come across baboons, Nubian ibexes, meerkats and rock hyraxes. 
  • The exhibit also pays tribute to traditional Ethiopian villages with its installations of coffee huts, waga statues, and mud-walled Konso dwelling huts.
Singapore Zoo - Primate Kingdom

Primate Kingdom

  • This zone consists of many small islands, each for its designated primate species. 
  • The whole zone is filled with lush greenery, moats, bamboo and so much forage.
  • Look out for the langurs, lemurs, and spider monkeys. 
  • If you’re interested, also try and catch a Keeper Talk, where you can learn more about the primate species and its habits.
Singapore Zoo - KidzWorld


  • While the name might imply that this zone is for kids, anyone with an inclination to play with the animals is welcome here. The zone has a wet zone for some water fun, and also a larger dry zone.
  • In the dry zone, you could indulge in activities such as interacting with the friendly animals, participating in animal presentations, and exploring the animals’ toys and playgrounds. 
  • The zone also has a special merchandise store and a cafe for some delicious treats!
Singapore Zoo - Reptile Garden

Reptile Garden

  • The Reptile Garden has 3 exhibits within - RepTopia, Tortoise Shell-ter, and Sungei Buaya. 
  • Here, you can witness over 60 species of reptiles and amphibians, the world’s second-largest tortoise, chelonian tortoise, crocodiles, and Komodo dragons.
  • During the daily keeper demos, the glass panels separating the exhibits open up, giving you an unrestricted view into the closure. 
Singapore Zoo - mouse deer

Treetops Trails

  • The Treetops Trails replicates a rainforest environment, and the protagonist of this zone is the siamang.
  • During your visit, you will be sure to hear their calls in the wild, which will have you clutching your ears due to their high decibel levels. 
  • Also catch a glimpse of the false gharials and mouse deer in the treetops trails zone.
Singapore Zoo - Wild Africa

Wild Africa

  • This massive enclave has most animals you would expect to find in Africa’s diverse landscape - from desserts to savannahs. 
  • The zone houses zebras, some of whom were born in the enclave, giraffes, painted gods, and the big cats - cheetahs, lions, and fossa. 
  • During your visit, also partake in giraffe, rhino and zebra feeding to get closer to the animals! 

Feeding times at Singapore Zoo

  • Zebra feeding: Daily at 10.15 AM and 2.15 PM at the Wild Africa Zone 
  • Giraffe feeding: Daily at 10.45 AM, 1.50 PM and 3.45 PM at the Wild Africa Zone 
  • Rhino feeding: Daily at 1.15 PM at the Wild Africa Zone
  • Elephant feeding: Daily at 9.30 AM, 11.45 AM and 4.30 PM at the Elephants of Asia Zone  
  • Giant Tortoise feeding: Daily at 1.15 PM at the Reptile Garden Zone

Please note:

  • Each feeding session comes at an extra cost of SGD 8 per food portion. 
  • Only guests who are 1.2m and above in height can participate in the feeding sessions. 
  • Each feeding session generally lasts 15 minutes.

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Visitor Tips

  • For all the folks who want a more immersive experience at the Zoo, you can enjoy a buffet breakfast with Orangutans! Ask the staff at the venue for more details.
  • Avoid feeding the animals anything other than the food you receive as part of the feeding sessions. This is to ensure the safety of both you and the animals.
  • The Singapore Zoo is a large attraction, so there may be chances where you can get lost. Download the Mandai app onto your phones before you visit, to get the complete map of the Zoo and a detailed directory that will make your visit smoother.
  • If you feel like munching on some food while you're there, head over to one of the many restaurants at the zoo.

Frequently asked questions about the zones and animals at Singapore Zoo

What animals can I expect to see at Singapore Zoo?

You can visit various enclosures within the zoo, where you will encounter marsupials, big cats, elephants, reptiles and more!

What are the zones within Singapore Zoo?

Singapore Zoo has the Australasia Zone, Elephants of Asia, Fragile Forest, Great Rift of Ethiopia, Primate Kingdom, KidzWorld, Reptile Garden, Treetops Trails, and Wild Africa, to name a few.

How long should I spend in one zone of Singapore Zoo?

Each zone of the Singapore Zoo would take you at least 30 minutes to explore end-to-end, with some extra time if you would like to feed the animals.

Can I feed the animals in the Zoo?

Yes, Singapore Zoo has animal feeding sessions that occur once or twice a day.

Do I have to pay extra to feed the animals in the Singapore Zoo?

Yes, you would have to purchase a feeding ticket priced at SGD 8 per portion of food.

Are there any rules to keep in mind while visiting the Singapore Zoo?

To ensure the safety of animals, you are not allowed to feed the animals anything apart from the food you receive as part of the feeding sessions. Additionally, make sure to avoid using flash while clicking pictures and videos inside the Zoo.