Spend Christmas in Singapore 2023 | Christmas Events, Icy Fun, Light Parades, and More!


Christmas in Singapore sees an annual celebration of togetherness, giving, and hope - and of course, this celebration comes in the form of larger-than-life Christmas events, attractions, activities, markets, and a whole lot more. Know more about how Singaporeans spend their holiday season and you're bound to want to spend your next Christmas there!

Christmas in Singapore - Why Spend Christmas in Singapore?

Why Spend Christmas in Singapore?

  • If you like traveling to Singapore as a tourist, then you're going to love Christmas in Singapore, as there are more things to do than ever at this tourism haven.
  • Some of the country's most-awaited events take place during December in Singapore, especially during the holiday season - like the Christmas on a Great Street, or the Christmas Wonderland that happens every year.
  • Singapore's temperate climate and balmy weather during the holiday season make it an especially enjoyable location to travel to, this time of the year.
  • Singapore is much more budget-friendly than other tropical countries to spend your Christmas break at. You can do a lot more for a lot less than you would have to spend at other tropical tourist spots.

Top 9 things to during Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore - Christmas Events in Singapore

Tour the lit up Lion City

The streets of Singapore and Singapore attractions are at their festive best during Christmas, making it a great time to take a tour of the city and its attractions. A good way to experience this is by taking a Singapore Christmas light up tour.

Christmas in Singapore - Icy Activities in Singapore
Christmas in Singapore - Christmas Food in Singapore

Indulge in a Singapore Christmas feast

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with food. These restaurants serve great Christmas buffets with delightful twists on traditional favorites and much more on the menu.

  • Feast on Italian delights for Christmas at Il Cielo | Find on maps
  • A halal spread awaits you at Atrium | Find on maps
  • Luce by Davide Giacomelli at InterContinental Singapore: Go for the Christmas Eve buffet brunch | Find on maps
  • Princess Terrace Café: Dine on Penang-Peranakan cuisine at this buffet | Find on maps
Christmas in Singapore - Christmas Wonderland
Christmas in Singapore - Christmas at Changi Airport
Orchard Street ; Christmas on Great Street Singapore

Attend the Orchard Road Street Party

Gear up your shoes to walk a 3 km stretch from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura. There’s nothing better than streets lit up with Christmas decor and lights. There are three Christmas Villages– filled with carnival games and rides, pop-up stores and food stalls.

Christmas in Singapore - Christmas Markets in Singapore

Shop your heart out at Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Singapore are great for much more than shopping, as simply strolling through one is enough for you to experience the full force of Christmas festivities. Here are some of the top Christmas markets you should check out:

  • Go to Christmas Wonderland Market for christmas decor, games & food | Find on maps
  • Cluny Court Fair is for Artisanal fashion and homeware | Find on maps
  • You can shop Korean decor, treats, mulled wine KK Christmas Market | Find on maps
  • Stop by Capitol Christmas market for Crafted goods, snowfall, live acts | Find on maps
Christmas in Singapore - Singapore River Cruise
Universal Christmas, Superstar Christmas RWS

Top Experiences in Singapore


Frequently asked questions about celebrating Christmas in Singapore

Is Christmas a good time to visit Singapore?

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to visit Singapore, as most (if not all) tourist attractions organize Christmas-special activities, events, and attractions that make this memorable tourist destination even more so.

What are some things to do on Christmas in Singapore?

During Christmas in Singapore, you can visit Christmas fests on Orchard Road, visit Snow City for some family fun in the snow, have a Christmas buffet at the top restaurants, and shop to your heart's content at one of the city's many Christmas markets.

What is the weather like at Christmas in Singapore?

While Singapore does get slightly cooler weather during Christmas than the rest of the year, it is by no means unpleasantly cold. Visitors can expect the usual humid and sunny Singapore weather, with frequent gusts of cool air and quite a bit of rainfall throughout the month.

Is Singapore crowded at Christmas?

Singapore actually sees some of its biggest crowds during the winter months, owing to the respite from the heat. Tourists also flock to Singapore to attend celebrations for Christmas and New Year's Day. So, yes, it is one of the most busiest times of the year for the city.

What’s open in Singapore on Christmas?

While Christmas is a public holiday for everyone in Singapore, it is rare to see anything closed up during this time of the year. Shopping malls, popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and other such establishments will definitely be open on Christmas!

What is the most popular Christmas market in Singapore?

The annual Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, is by far the most popular Christmas market and event in Singapore.

Are restaurants open on Christmas in Singapore?

Luckily, almost all restaurants are open on Christmas in Singapore - and most even offer special Christmas menus to celebrate the holiday season, so don't miss out on those!

What are the best places to stay in Singapore on Christmas?

The best place to stay in Singapore during Christmas is undoubtedly anywhere near Orchard Road, as it places you in the midst of all the Christmas action - especially with the famous Christmas on a Great Street just minutes away from where you're staying.

What should I eat in Singapore on Christmas?

Singapore has no dearth of what to eat on Christmas day, with meaty delicacies like stuffed turkey, wagyu beef, steak, and a variety of roasts gracing almost every table on Christmas.

What are the best restaurants for Christmas in Singapore?

Keeping in mind the sheer diversity of Singapore's cuisine, you can expect to be spoilt for choices when it comes to your Christmas feast. For special Christmas menus, don't miss out on popular spots like Racines and Andaz Singapore.

Where can I see the Christmas lights in Singapore?

To catch some of the most magical spots for Christmas lights in Singapore, you can head to Orchard Road, Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, and Jewel Changi for its light show at the Rain Vortex!

What are some Christmas traditions in Singapore?

In the way of Christmas traditions in Singapore, some may head to church for Midnight Mass and make homecooked meals for their Christmas feast, while others may choose to head out to participate in Christmas events and see the attractions around the city,