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Take a virtual journey through the Lion City at the Time Capsule

One of the recognizable features of Singapore is its observation wheel — Singapore Flyer. It provides an unbeatable bird’s eye view of this beautiful nation. The Time Capsule is a multi-sensory, immersive zone at the Singapore Flyer where you get to learn about Singapore's rich history, heritage, culture, and landscape, with the help of the in-house robot pal, R65.

We'll give you all the reasons you should visit this spot at the Singapore Flyer, and give you the lowdown on the zones of the Time Capsule — who knows, by the end of it all, you might just want to drop everything and book your tickets, right away!

Why visit the Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer?

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer

Learn about the Lion City: Sure, we know that Singapore has many nicknames, but do you know where they came from? Find out that and much more about the culture, heritage, and development of this island-nation at the Time Capsule.

Fun for the whole family: We know that kids can get bored easily, but R65 will make sure to keep them engaged and moving the whole time. The entire experience requires you to move and interact with the robot, so the kids will definitely be engaged. Plus, the Singapore Flyer and Time Capsule are completely wheelchair friendly, so don't let that stop you or your loved ones from experiencing something different.

It's free!: ... with your Singapore Flyer ticket, of course. And why would you say no to something that is fun and mentally stimulating, especially when you don't have to pay for it.

Your journey through the Time Capsule

The whole experience is spread out over two levels and five zones. Level 1 tells the story of Singapore's past and Level 2 talks about the present and future of the nation. Take a look!

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer

Island of Myths

It is like going back in time when you enter the Island of Myths at the Singapore Time Capsule. Suddenly, you find yourself in a 700 year old kampong (village). What makes this unique is that, unlike other museums, the experience at the Island of Myths is fully immersive, complete with mood lighting, tropical plants, and jungle sounds.

Location: Level 1

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer

River of Time

The colourful, spinning graphics on the high walls and even the floor make this area Instagram-able. It is dedicated to the Singapore River, a symbol of Singapore's transformation from a fishing village to a world-class trading port. You will be able to read the stories written on the walls and watch them come to life as the landscape around you changes.

Location: Level 1

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer

Kaleidoscope Walk

Singapore’s culinary scene is vibrant, and in this room, it comes together to tell you its history and significance. Look up at the ceiling to know about Singapore's delicious street food scene. This one-of-a-kind room features kaleidoscopes of local food and architecture that spin around in hypnotic, colourful patterns.

Location: Level 2

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer

Infinity Space

Infinity Space is a musical and visual medley, and it is without a doubt one of the best aspects of the Singapore Time Capsule. Long mirrors and floor-to-ceiling displays make a truly immersive environment. You won't be able to take your eyes off the glittering pixels that dance around to shape mystical local landscapes during this three-minute display.

Location: Level 2

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer


With golden gears and a huge digital screen in the centre of the room, this immersive zone has a steampunk vibe to it. Simple and educational touchscreen games inspired by Singapore's celebrations, history, and nature surround the zone. Virtually ‘try on' ethnic outfits like cheongsams and colourful saris and pose for a picture.

Location: Level 2

Plan your visit to the Time Capsule


The Time Capsule is a part of the Singapore Flyer and is located on the Marina Promenade.

Since it is situated in the city center, you can easily arrive at the Flyer via bus, MRT or car, depending on your convenience and budget.

Closest landmark: Singapore Flyer

Closest MRT station: Promenade Station

Closest bus stop: Opp The Ritz Carlton

Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer

The Time Capsule is open everyday from 10am to 10pm, just like the Singapore Flyer.

Best time to visit: The Time Capsule would be less crowded on a weekday as compared to weekends. So, if you're looking for a more laidback viewing experience, the best time to visit would be on weekday mornings.

Duration: The entire Time Capsule journey can take you approximately 45 minutes and can go up depending on how long you choose to stay at a certain zone.

Visitor tips

  • Make sure you carry a valid ID proof when you visit the Singapore Flyer and Time Capsule.
  • There are elevators present at the venue that will help wheelchair bound visitors move from floor to floor.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Time Capsule, however, if you feel hungry, there are several dining options available at the Singapore Flyer. Head over there before or after your tour of the Time Capsule.

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Frequently asked questions about the Time Capsule in Singapore

Do I need to buy a separate ticket to the Singapore Time Capsule?

Your Singapore Flyer ticket includes entry to the Time Capsule, so you do not need to purchase a separate entry ticket to the attraction.

Do I need to pre-book my Singapore Time Capsule tickets?

Yes, it is best to pre-book your tickets to avoid tickets being sold out. This is possible since Singapore Flyer is a popular attraction and can get crowded especially during public holidays and weekends.

How can I get to Singapore Time Capsule?

You can easily reach the Time Capsule at Singapore Flyer via bus, MRT or car.

What are the Singapore Time Capsule timings?

The Time Capsule is open from 10am - 10pm, daily. Last admission for the day is by 9:15pm.

How long is the Singapore Time Capsule?

You can tour the entire Time Capsule exhibition in approximately 45 minutes. If you spend extra time at one of the interactive zones, you may end up spending longer.

What is the best time to visit Singapore Time Capsule?

The earlier you visit during the day the better since the crowd is likely to be minimal. Weekends and public holidays are generally more crowded at the Time Capsule, so weekdays are a better choice for a laid back experience.

How many zones does the Time Capsule have?

The Time Capsule has 5 zones laid out on two levels. Level 1 shows the past of Singapore and Level 2 shows the present and future of the island nation.

Is the Singapore Time Capsule worth visiting?

Absolutely. The Time Capsule is a fun and immersive way to learn about the history and development of Singapore. The visual effects, commentary, and interactive games make the experience more fun than learning about the nation from a regular museum experience.