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Explore the National Gallery Singapore Collection | Exhibitions, Must-See Artworks & More


The National Gallery Singapore is the largest art museum in Singapore, featuring Southeast Asian art. Here, art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a diverse collection of artworks from both local and international artists. Whether you're a seasoned art lover or simply curious about the art world, visit the National Gallery Singapore and explore the exhibitions and artwork that promises to inspire.

National Gallery Singapore
The gallery at National Gallery Singapore


The National Gallery Singapore offers a diverse and wide-ranging selection of thought-provoking exhibitions for visitors to engage with art deeply.

Current highlights include major video art exhibitions that trace the emergence and early development of Southeast Asian video installation art from the 1960s onward, such as ‘See Me, See You’ and ‘The Neglected Dimension.’ 
There are also expansive solo shows celebrating highly influential artists like the Chinese ink master Liu Kuo-sung and his experimental ink techniques developed over his 70-year artistic career.

Installation at National Gallery Singapore

Installations and Commissions

The National Gallery Singapore hosts unique and imaginative contemporary art installations that create an immersive experience for visitors. Highlights include renowned artist Shilpa Gupta's larger-than-life inflatable sculpture that will intrigue visitors of all ages. 

The photography exhibitions use 3D settings to showcase Singaporean photographers' works in vivid detail. These stimulating installations and commissions throughout the galleries utilize interactive or multimedia approaches to provide visitors with memorable, thought-provoking encounters with art.

Guests on the steps of National Gallery Singapore

Events and Experiences

The National Gallery Singapore offers many interactive workshops, conversations with prominent artists and curators, and lively children's art shows that allow you to engage with artworks and develop a deeper understanding of the pieces.

Visitors can get a new perspective on exhibitions through activities like the cocktail-paired, Art x Cocktails Tour that cleverly complements artworks with unique beverage pairings. Speaking of which, don't forget to visit the restaurants at the gallery for a unique dining experience to top off your day of exploring art.

Ongoing Exhibitions - National Gallery Singapore

Ongoing Exhibitions

The National Gallery Singapore's extensive roster of ongoing, long-term exhibitions give you illuminating insights into Singapore's most historically significant national monuments and buildings.

These exhibitions also showcase the nation's complex heritage and perspectives by Southeast Asian artists on cultural identity, and the evolution of local art over time through a multifaceted array of artworks spanning different eras and mediums. National Gallery offers constantly evolving exhibitions for visitors to thoughtfully experience and learn from Singaporean and Southeast Asian art across centuries.

What types of work are a part of the National Gallery Singapore exhibitions?

The National Gallery Singapore exhibitions comprises many artworks, including paintings, drawings/prints, global, and graphic art.

How big is the National Gallery Singapore collection?

The National Gallery Singapore houses an extensive collection of artworks, with hundreds of pieces on display.

Is the entire National Gallery Singapore collection on display?

Due to the size of the collection, not all artworks are on permanent display. The museum curates exhibitions and art to provide visitors with a varied and engaging experience.

How long will it take to explore all the National Gallery Singapore exhibitions?

The time it takes to explore all the National Gallery Singapore exhibitions depends on individual preferences and interests. It is recommended to allocate at least a few hours during your visit to the gallery, to appreciate the artwork leisurely.

What are the best artworks from the National Gallery Singapore collection?

The National Gallery Singapore boasts numerous exceptional artworks. The best artworks can vary depending on personal taste. However, some notable pieces include Boschbrand (Forest Fire), Singapore River, and Lotus in a Breeze.

What paintings are part of the National Gallery Singapore collection?

The National Gallery Singapore collection includes paintings encompassing different styles, themes, and periods. Visitors can admire works by both local and international artists that showcase a wise spectrum of artistic expression.

How old is the National Gallery Singapore collection?

The National Gallery Singapore collection includes artworks from various periods, some dating back hundreds of years, as far as the 19th century. The collection continually evolves as new artworks are collected and exhibitions are curated.