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All You Need to Know About the National Gallery Singapore


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National Gallery Singapore
  • Official name: National Gallery Singapore
  • Location/Address: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
  • Date of opening: 24 November 2015
  • Timings: Remains open everyday from 10 AM to 7 PM 
  • Architects: Studio Milou Singapore & CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Architectural style: Contemporary
  • Number of visitors per year: Around 2 million 
  • Collection size: Around 8,000 artworks
National Gallery Singapore
National Gallery Singapore
National Gallery Singapore

DBS Singapore Gallery

It is located in the City Hall Wing and includes artworks starting from the 19th century. "Siapa Nama Kamu?" is a collection that houses artworks crafted by renowned artists. 
The gallery is divided into 3 sub galleries: 

  • Gallery 1: Liu Kang’s Artist and Model (1954), Xu Beihong’s Portrait of Lim Loh (1927), etc. 
  • Gallery 2:  A statue of Chua Mia Tee. 
  • Gallery 3: Contemporary and mixed media artworks.
National Gallery Singapore

UOB Southeast Asia Gallery

The UOB Southeast Asia Gallery, housed in the old Supreme Court building, displays art from Southeast Asian countries, spreading across three floors and about 15 rooms.

The main exhibit, "Between Declarations and Dreams," showcases around 300 artworks. The collection is named after Indonesian poet Chairil Anwar. Some famous artworks here include Raden Saleh's Bosch Brand and Latif Mohidin's Pagodas II

National Gallery Singapore

Keppel Centre for Art Education

A considerable space from level 1 of the City Hall Wing is reserved for fostering arts education for children and young individuals. 

This space also includes four interactive spaces and an impressive array of educational programs that offer kids the opportunity to engage with original artworks specifically designed to nurture their observational abilities. Some of these programs include studio-based workshops, artist talks, etc.

Check out the various exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore so you know which collections speak to you, and can plan your trip better.

What is the National Gallery Singapore?

The National Gallery Singapore stands as a prominent organisation in the world of visual arts, that houses artworks from Singapore and Southeast Asia. It is also the largest art museum in Singapore.

Why should I visit the National Gallery in Singapore?

The National Gallery Singapore houses the biggest and most important collections of modern art from Singapore and Southeast Asia. It is worth visiting while you are in Singapore.

What can I see at the National Gallery of Singapore?

The National Gallery Singapore features over 8,000 artworks from Southeast Asia, ranging from the 19th century all the way up to the present day.

How can I get tickets to the National Gallery Singapore?

Tickets can be purchased online in advance, or you can even purchase them at the gallery.

Are there audio guides available at the National Gallery Singapore?

Yes. Audio guides are available for free inside the gallery so you can explore the exhibitions at the National Gallery Singapore in detail.

Who designed the National Gallery of Singapore?

Studio Milou Architecture from France in collaboration with CPG Consultants Pte Ltd designed the gallery.

When did the National Gallery Singapore open?

The National Gallery Singapore opened its doors to the public on 24 November 2015.

What famous artworks are inside the National Gallery of Singapore?

Liu Kang's Life By The River (1975), Chen Chong Swee’s Fishermen (1910-85), and Choo Keng Kwang’s Wayang Kulit (1950), etc. are some of the famous artworks housed in the gallery.

What are the National Gallery Singapore timings?

The gallery is open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM. It follows the same timings on Public Holidays.

What is the best time to visit National Gallery Singapore?

If you want to avoid big crowds and explore the artwork in peace, the best time to visit the gallery would be on weekday mornings.

Where is the National Gallery in Singapore?

The gallery is located in the heart of the civic district of Singapore.

Is the National Gallery Singapore wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Every part of the gallery is accessible to people in wheelchairs. You can even rent a wheelchair at the venue, if required.

Are there dining options available at National Gallery Singapore?

Yes. There are plenty of dining options offering different cuisines available inside the gallery.

Is photography allowed at the National Gallery Singapore?

Yes. However, only taking photos without using a flash for non-commercial use is allowed.

What other attractions are near the National Gallery of Singapore?

Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, and Marina Bay Sands etc. are some of the popular attractions near the gallery.