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ArtScience Museum Future World: Where Art Meets Technology

The ArtScience Museum is a cultural landmark in Singapore, exhibiting works of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Salvador Dali, while also explore marine biology, cosmology, and space exploration themes. One of the museums top attractions is the Future World immersive exhibit. Let's see what it's all about!

Why visit Future World at ArtScience Museum?

ArtScience Museum Future World

  • Curated by teamLab: This well-known art collective from Japan is responsible for several art exhibitions across the world, and now, you can see their work at the museum.
  • Immersive artwork: The exhibit uses science and technology to showcase the artworks to the public, making for a unique viewing experience that you might not find in a regular museum.
  • Great for all ages: The exhibit is large and is interactive, making it a fun experience for all ages, including younger kids who might not like stationary objects. This exhibit is all kinds of colorful and immersive, so take your kids along!
  • Compelling stories through art: The two sections of Future World tell a combined story of how technology has inspired and shaped the lives of humans, taking Singapore as the location of the story. It's quite a story, especially when played out by interacting with the exhibits.

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Opening Hours

The Future World exhibition is located inside the ArtScience Museum, which is part of the Marina Bay Sands resort.
Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974 | Find on maps

Being located in the city center, the museum is easily accessible via public transport like MRT, bus and car.
Nearest landmark: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

ArtScience Museum Future World - Opening Hours

Future World is open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM. Last admission into the exhibit is by 6 PM.

Best time to visit: It is best to visit Future World during the weekday mornings or afternoons, for a less crowded experience.
Recommended duration: Consider spending around 1.5 hours exploring the exhibit. The interactive installations are fun and you won't notice the time fly by.

Zones at the Future World exhibit at ArtScience Museum

artscience museum future world

City in A Garden

Witness some colourful, playful, regenerative, reactive, and evocative artworks at City in a Garden. The installations take you through waterfalls, fruit fields, seas, flowers fields, seas, and aquariums. Watch flowers and fruits bud, grow, blossom and wither. Touch the flowers and see them scatter and disappear. Stay still and watch them bloom. Create a lively environment around you at the Sketch Piston- an interactive where you compose your musical masterpiece! Or interact with the Little People- a community of miniature characters. Use your imagination to create sea creatures and see them swim to life at the Sketch Aquarium!

ArtScience Museum Future World - Exploring New Frontiers

Exploring New Frontiers

This exhibit continues the story that started out at City in a Garden, in this exhibit you will see how humans interacting with nature lead to their peaceful coexistence that lead to the eventual inspiration to build and create a better future for themselves. Watch as your drawings on a piece of paper come to life and take flight as though you're in a magical movie. Float through the sky like a bird as you climb along pathways that lead up to different artworks. Control the stars in the cosmos with the touch of your hands as you explore the Crystal Universe installation.

Visitor tips

  • Future World tickets are time-sensitive to ensure every visitor has a good time at the exhibit. Make sure to reach the museum at least 15 minutes before your slot.
  • Switch off your camera flashes as flash photography is prohibited in a few exhibits.
  • No food and drinks are allowed inside the galleries. Ensure to eat a decent meal before heading to the museum, or grab a bite to eat from Miracle Coffee at the museum.
  • Strollers are not allowed inside the Future World exhibit. This is to ensure all the visitors have a seamless interactive experience at the venue.
  • You must be at least 1.2 meters and taller to visit the Aerial Climbing Through A Flock of Colored Birds installation. Make sure to wear covered shoes and avoid heels when you visit this installation.

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Frequently asked questions about Future World at ArtScience Museum

Where is the Future World exhibition located?

The Future World exhibition is located in ArtScience Museum in the Marina Bay Sands resort. Its address is 6 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018974.

What are the Future World timings at the ArtScience Museum?

The Future World is open daily from 10 AM - 7 PM. Last admission for the day is at 6 PM.

How much time should I spend at Future World?

It can take an average of 1 to 1.5 hours to fully explore Future World at the ArtScience Museum.

What is the best time to visit the ArtScience Museum Future World?

The best time to visit the ArtScience Museum Future World is during weekdays, especially when the museum opens. The museum might be crowded on weekends and public holidays.

Can I take a virtual tour of Future World at ArtScience Museum?

Yes, you can take a virtual tour of the Future World exhibit in case you cannot make it down to the museum. Although, the best way to enjoy the exhibit is viewing it in person, since most of the installations are interactive and require you to move around to fully experience it.

Is the ArtScience Museum Future World suitable for kids?

Future World definitely is suitable for kids. The exhibitions here allow children to explore art, science, technology, and culture.

What other exhibitions can I see at the ArtScience Museum?

Mars: The Red Mirror and New Eden are the two other exhibitions at ArtScience Museum that you should definitely visit while you're there.

What can I do at the ArtScience Museum?

Apart from the Future World exhibit, you can explore the other currently showing exhibitions at the museum, many of which are temporary and will end in the next few months. You can also watch a film screening at the ArtScience Cinema or attend a ArtScience Residency talk that happens occasionally. Alternatively, you can also explore the nearby SkyPark Observation Deck for some stunning views of the Lion City.