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Art Science Museum Future World: Where Art Meets Technology


The Art Science Museum is a cultural landmark in Singapore. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the lotus-inspired building has 10 ‘fingers’, anchored by a round base. Each finger reveals a different gallery space – 21 in total – that intertwines art, science, and technology, bringing new ideas and innovation to life. Apart from exhibiting works of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Salvador Dali, the Art Science Museum exhibitions also explore marine biology, cosmology, and space exploration. Currently on display is the Art Science Museum Future World exhibition. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Why Visit Art Science Museum Future World

Art Science Museum Future World

Art Science Museum Future World is a permanent exhibition, created in collaboration with teamLab (an interdisciplinary art collective). Through this high-tech collection of interactives, visitors get a chance to explore the crossroads of art, science, and technology. Indulge your senses- —sight, touch, and sound — and embark on an immersive journey of discovery through environments like City in A Garden, Sanctuary, Park, and Space. Some of the best installations include Sketch Town, the Crystal Universe, and Sliding Through the Fruit Field.

Age no bar, these exhibitions are fit for all ages. Allow your children to learn through play- touch, click, move installations, learn about the vagaries of rising sea levels, and allow your creative juices to flow by giving life to your imagination. These exhibitions are symbolic of the real world. These allow visitors to reflect on how human interactions have a profound effect on our immediate environment.

Inside Art Science Museum Future World

City in A Garden

Witness some colourful, playful, regenerative, reactive, and evocative artworks at City in a Garden. The installations take you through waterfalls, fruit fields, seas, flowers fields, seas, and aquariums. Watch flowers and fruits bud, grow, blossom and wither. Touch the flowers and see them scatter and disappear. Stay still and watch them bloom. Create a lively environment around you at the Sketch Piston- an interactive where you compose your musical masterpiece! Or interact with the Little People- a community of miniature characters. Use your imagination to create sea creatures and see them swim to life at the Sketch Aquarium!


One is never too old to play, right? Park invites both, young and old, to appreciate ‘play’ using a combination of physical activity and digital technology. Through an arrangement of differently coloured shapes — circles, triangles, and squares — design your game of Hopscotch. In the Light Ball Orchestra, create a resonating effect by touching any ball to change the colour and sound of the surrounding balls. The Sketch Town installation allows your imaginations to flow. Draw buildings and more and make it a part of an interactive city. Transform hieroglyph symbols into elements like trees, wind, mountains, and rain at the Story of the Time When Gods Were Everywhere interactive.


An immersive and interactive wonderland, Sanctuary explores the movement of birds. In the featured artwork titled The Way of Birds, notice the trails of light left behind by the birds as they fly. As a viewer, watch the interactive artwork respond to your presence. Get closer to the interactive and see the flock of birds fly away to avoid colliding with you. While managing to dissolve the boundaries between art and viewers, this artwork also makes for a perfect idyllic digital experience, offering a moment of tranquillity and calm.


The finale of your Future World journey is through Space, a fascinating display at the museum. Titled The Crystal Universe, the installation uses interactive 4D Vision technology. With over 170,000 LED lights on display, the sound and light effects give you the illusion of moving through the Milky Way! Head here for a thrilling experience of the beauty and vastness of the cosmos.

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Visitor Tips 

  • Visitors are encouraged to book their tickets online and ahead of time as each exhibit allows limited entries for a given time slot. End moment purchase of over-the-counter tickets might not necessarily be available for a given exhibition. 
  • While engaging with the interactive displays at the museum, please refrain from touching anything labelled Do Not Touch.
  • Switch off your camera flashes as flash photography is prohibited in a few exhibits.
  • No food and drinks are allowed inside the galleries. Ensure to eat a decent meal before heading to the museum.

Art Science Museum Future World: FAQs

What are the Art Science Museum Future World timings?

The Art Science Museum Future World is open daily from 10 AM - 7 PM. The last admission is at 6 PM.

Where is the Art Science Museum Future World exhibition located?

The Art Science Museum Future World is located near Marina Bay Sands. Its address is 6 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018974.

Can I take a virtual tour of the Singapore Art Science Museum Future World?

Yes, you can take a virtual tour of the Singapore Art Science Museum Future World.

What is the best time to visit the Art Science Museum Future World?

The best time to visit the Art Science Museum Future World is during weekdays, especially when the museum opens. The museum might be crowded on weekends and public holidays.

Is the Art Science Museum Future World suitable for kids?

Art Science Museum Future World is suitable for kids. The exhibitions here allow children to explore art, science, technology, and culture.

What other exhibitions can I see at the Art Science Museum?

Star Wars and Virtual Realms are the other exhibitions you can currently see at the Art Science Museum.

What can I do around the Art Science Museum Singapore?

Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By the Bay, and the Helix Bridge are a few attractions you can explore near the Art Science Museum Singapore.

How much time can I expect to spend at The Art Science Museum Future World?

You can expect to spend an average time of 1 - 1.5 hours at The Art Science Museum Future World.