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What Is iFly Singapore?

iFly Singapore is an indoor skydiving facility in Sentosa Island that offers guests a safe but equally exciting opportunity to experience a skydive in Singapore. Whether you have a fear of jumping off a moving airplane — who doesn't — or if you just haven't experienced a skydive before, this is the perfect adventure in Singapore for you! Brownie points to iFly Singapore for being reasonably priced and not wallet breaking like a real skydive would be.

Take a look at some must-know information about iFly Singapore and why you should take a leap of faith and go on this unique adventure in Singapore.

Where Is iFly Singapore?

iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore Opening Hours

iFly Singapore

Why Visit iFly Singapore?

  • Skydive in Singapore: After visiting all the fun theme parks and you're craving a unique adventure in Singapore, iFly Singapore is one of our top picks for you. This indoor adventure will give you the adrenaline rush you crave and will leave you wanting more!
  • Among The Largest In The World: Apart from being a unique attraction in Singapore, iFly Singapore has one of the largest indoor wind tunnels in the world that can accommodate up to 20 people at a time.
  • A1 Views: If you thought indoor skydiving would not be as thrilling as actually jumping off a moving plane, you're wrong! The wind tunnels create a shockingly realistic effect of free falling through the air at around 12,000 to 3,000 feet, and you'll have stunning views of the South China Sea while you're at it!
  • Easily Accessible: iFly Singapore is right at the central part of Sentosa Island which means there are planty of other attractions for you to visit before and after your indoor skydive at iFly Singapore. Make a day out of it.
  • Great For All: iFly Singapore can accommodate people with varied physical disabilities, making it a great indoor activity for guests over the age of 7. Check out the iFly Singapore rules and regulations for more details.

iFly Singapore Highlights

iFly Singapore

Giant Wind Tunnel

  • The iFly Singapore wind tunnel is one of the largest in the world with a height of 56.5 ft and a width of 16.5 ft. It is about 5 storeys tall.
  • The wind tunnel can accommodate a total of 20 people at one point, and guests can attempt tricks like free flying, and group formations with friends.
iFly Singapore

Airport Themed Ambiance

  • iFly Singapore holds the record of being the worlds first themed indoor skydiving facility.
  • You'll feel as if you're going through a busy airport as you explore the skydiving facility on Sentosa Island.
  • Flight status boards, airport announcements, and even check in before your flight will take you straight to an airport.
iFly Singapore

Views For Days

  • Skydiving at iFly Singapore might be an indoor activity but the experience is very authentic including the gorgeous views.
  • Guests skydiving in the indoor wind tunnels of iFly Singapore will be treated to stunning views of the South China Sea.
iFly Singapore

Prioritizing Safety

  • Every guest at iFly Singapore will be suited up with a flight suit, safety helmet and goggles before their flight. If you wear prescription glasses, you can request a special goggle to wear during the skydive.
  • There is also a mandatory safety briefing by trained professionals that happens before your indoor skydive at iFly Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About iFly Singapore

Where can I experience skydiving in Singapore?

iFly Singapore is an indoor skydiving arena in Singapore, located on Sentosa Island. Head over to this attraction for a unique skydiving experience in Singapore.

Is it worth visiting iFly Singapore?

Yes, iFly Singapore is a unique experience in Singapore where you can skydive in a safe environment and experience the same thrill as the real deal. It is a must-visit attraction in Singapore if you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the whole family.

What are the opening hours of iFly Singapore?

iFly Singapore opening hours are Monday to Sunday (except Wednesday) and Public Holidays: 9 AM – 10 PM, Wednesday: 11 AM – 10 PM.

Is iFly Singapore a safe experience for the family?

Yes, iFly Singapore is a safe family activity in Singapore. As per the eligibility criteria, everyone over the age of 7 years are welcome to take part in the indoor skydive at iFly Singapore.

Can I bring food to iFly Singapore?

No, food and drinks from the outside are not allowed at iFly Singapore. There are many food outlets and restaurants just outside iFly Singapore, on Sentosa Island where you can dine.

Is iFly Singapore safe for kids?

iFly Singapore is safe for everyone over the age of 7 years. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian during their skydive at iFly Singapore.

How big is the wind tunnel at iFly Singapore?

iFly Singapore's wind tunnels are one of the largest in the world. It stands almost 5 storeys high at a height of 56.5 feet and 16.5 feet wide. It can hold up to 20 people in one time.

Can a group of people skydive together at iFly Singapore?

Yes, you can skydive with a group of people at iFly Singapore.