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SuperPark Singapore | Age Is Just A Number At This Indoor Playground

There is no age limit on fun and adventure; at least, that's what SuperPark wants everyone to believe. You might be inclined to agree, once you've seen the 20+ activities and zones that await you at this indoor playground in Singapore. Find out all the reasons you should gather the troops and head over to this Super(sized) Park.

Why Visit SuperPark Singapore?

SuperPark Singapore

Explore SuperPark Singapore

Adventure Area
Game Arena
Freestyle Hall
Adventure Area at SuperPark Singapore

The Adventure Area in SuperPark Singapore is suitable for all ages, sure, but most of the activities here are perfect for the younger kids. Games like pedal bike racing, trampolines, open kids gymnasium, and fun obstacle courses, don't require high-level of skills and can be a great outlet for kids of all ages who have a lot of energy to burn.

Be sure to check out the Tube Slides, and Ninja Track at the Adventure Area at SuperPark Singapore.

Game Arena at SuperPark Singapore

If you like to dabble in sports like basketball, baseball, and more, you'll love the Game Arena. With multiple games made for kids and adults, you'll have a great time all around. We suggest bringing along a group of friends or your family when you visit this space, since there will be plenty of opportunities for friendly competition.

They also have a few VR-integrated games to check out, like iWall, Valo Jump, and iTeacher Lü.

Freestyle Hall at SuperPark Singapore

The Freestyle Hall lets you practice unique, high-intensity activities like wall climbing, skateboarding, and street soccer. With staff on site, you can try out any of these activities, irrespective of whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or pro. If you regularly practice sports like skateboarding or wall climbing, the Freestyle Hall is a great place to put your skills to the test.

Plan Your Visit to SuperPark Singapore

Check out our detailed visitor's guide to SuperPark Singapore for tips on where to dine, stay, nearby attractions, and other handy tips, while you visit SuperPark.

SuperPark - Timings
SuperPark - Location
SuperPark - Facilities
  • Contactless payments
  • Storage lockers
  • Regular gear sanitation
  • Restrooms
  • SuperPark grip socks
SuperPark - tips
  • Buy SuperPark grip socks at the venue, as they are required to enter the play area and take part in the activities.
  • Reserve your preferred time slot for weekends at least a week in advance since they tend to get filled quickly.
  • Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated while you indulge in high-octane games.

Frequently Asked Questions About SuperPark Singapore Tickets

What is the cost of SuperPark Singapore tickets?

SuperPark Singapore tickets start at SGD 29.9 for a 2-hour play time at the indoor playground.

How to book tickets to SuperPark Singapore?

You can book tickets to SuperPark Singapore online and skip the hassle of waiting in lines at the venue. Not to mention, you get good deals on your tickets when you book them online.

Why should I book SuperPark Singapore tickets online?

Booking SuperPark Singapore tickets online offers several advantages:
- Skip the lines: Waiting in lines is never fun, especially when you're on a vacation. Booking SuperPark Singapore tickets online lets you skip these queues at the venue and walk right in.
- Guaranteed entry: Attractions like SuperPark Singapore get crowded really fast, especially on weekends. Booking your tickets online, in advance can guarantee you entry to SuperPark on the day you choose.
- Customer service: By booking tickets online, you get 24/7 customer service on the phone, by email, or chat, allowing you to resolve any possible issue quickly.

What does the SuperPark Singapore ticket include?

The SuperPark Singapore ticket allows you entry to all the 20+ activities and zones at SuperPark. A 2-hour play time is included with these tickets, which is enough time to explore all the zones at the park. One thing to note: you will need to purchase reusable SuperPark grip socks before you enter the venue. These are not included in the entry ticket.

Do SuperPark Singapore tickets allow entry into all the zones inside the playground?

Yes, your SuperPark Singapore ticket allows you full-access to all the activities at SuperPark Singapore.

What is the cancelation policy for SuperPark Singapore tickets?

SuperPark Singapore tickets cannot be canceled or rescheduled once booked. Feel free to visit SuperPark and use the tickets within 28 days from the date of purchase.

What are SuperPark Singapore timings?

SuperPark Singapore operating hours are from 10:30 AM - 8 PM on weekdays and 9 AM - 9 PM on weekends (including public holidays).

How long can I spend inside SuperPark Singapore with my ticket?

Your SuperPark Singapore ticket gives you a 2-hour play time inside the park.