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Know Before You Go - River Wonders Singapore Rules

River Wonders Singapore Rules

Here’s a list of River Wonders Singapore Rules you need to keep in mind:

  • Explore Safely: Do not venture into prohibited areas while exploring the park.
  • Respect Animals: Animals should be treated with respect. Feeding and teasing of animals is strictly prohibited at River Wonders Singapore. 
  • Ride Safely: All visitors should remain seated and keep their hands inside the ride.
  • Do not Overcrowd: Do not overcrowd in front of an exhibit. Similarly, do not make a rush to attend a show.
  • Use of Commercial Footage: Use of videos or pictures of the park for commercial purposes without the explicit permission of the concerned authorities is prohibited.
  • Image Rights: Your photos may be taken by park representatives during your visit. Your admission to River Wonders serves as your consent for the same.
  • Smoking: River Wonders Singapore is a smoke-free zone. However, there is a designated smoking area near the entrance. 
  • Emergency Hotline: You can call +6590116061 in case of any emergencies. 
  • Photography: All guests should refrain from using flash while taking photos.
  • Pets & Plants: Guests are not allowed to bring their pets or plants along with them. 
  • Recreational Transportation: Means of recreational transportation like rollerblades and tricycles are not allowed inside the park. 

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